Dialady – Lady Mermaid

Earlier this year, it was announced that the mountain gardening movement Satoyama would have a sister movement called Satoumi, meaning that they are moving away from the mountains and towards the sea. Nothing wrong with mountains I guess, but I welcome the change. It sounds more… fun?

This time, there will be three shuffle units. We now have a preview for one of them. It’s Dialady, a duet consisting of Airi and Risako, and their song Lady Mermaid. You can watch the PV on UF LICKS here, starting from 3:00, or skip straight to the PV here.

What do you think of it, everyone? I… I think it’s fantastic. I did have a feeling this pairing would work, but Dialady exceeded my expectations. This is seriously my favourite Hello! Project song this year so far. The more I listen to the song the more I fall in love with it… and so there has been a lot of falling in love this weekend. ^^

dialady 2

I love Airi to bits and Risako is not bad either. Even though I’m quite indifferent towards Berryz Kobo as a group, I do like some of the girls. I’d say Risako is one of my favourite members along with Chinami and Miyabi, so I’m happy with the pairing.

The song is about two girls having fun at the seaside during summer. The lyrics are simple yet fun and the atmosphere is very cool and stylish with a 1950s touch to it. Now what does this mean to me personally? I can’t quite relate to the song as I’m no Lady Mermaid, but the seaside is one of my favourite places to be. I love the breeze and the waves, the smell and the sounds. And I always appreciate a nostalgic retro theme. There’s something very charming about the 1950s. My favourite piece of clothing here though is Airi’s black dress… or is it a skirt with a top? Whatever it is, it’s perfect. Or more like, Airi is perfect…

dialady airi 1dialady airi 2dialady airi 3dialady airi 4dialady airi 5dialady airi 6dialady airi 7dialady airi 8

Wow… just wow. Airi has made me speechless again. That smile… that… everything. ♥

But let’s not forget Risako. ^^ The style with the purple top makes her look older than she is though… very pretty nevertheless.

dialady risako 1dialady risako 2 dialady risako 5 dialady risako 7 dialady risako 6

And these two mermaids together, Airisako! ♥

dialady 1 dialady 6dialady 5 dialady 7

Where’s the car, I’m ready, please take me to the seaside street now! …Sorry for the excessive picspam, but I took a lot of screencaps and they are all so perfect, I don’t have the heart to delete any. *cries* It’s not just the girls who look great. It’s also the cool and bright colours in the seaside bar, and the glow in the outdoor shots.

The song is so catchy. Airi and Risako sound amazing together and I like the sax. I lack the knowledge to analyse a song any better than that. But yeah. It’s like the opposite of boring. There’s a lot of cool parts and then there are fun parts and… Alright. Let’s move on. My favourite line in the song is probably this:

dialady airi 9

So beautiful…

Other bits that stand out to me are hey girl! fu and one for the one. The latter has great dance moves to go with it. Risako has this awesome I’m sexy and I know it look on her face, while Airi is having the time of her life. All of that is such a joy to watch.

dialady 4

I knew there was a song I was “saving” the full points for!

Song: 10 / 10
Dance: 4 / 10
PV: 10 / 10
Outfits: 10 / 10
CD covers: dunno yet, will edit later ^^

All three Satoumi songs will be released on CD and DVD on the 7th of August 2013, so I hope everyone who enjoys this song can grab a copy! Who knows how good the other two will be. Too bad there’s no Sayu in any of them though.

CD on CDJapan (only 952 yen!)
DVD on CDJapan

And one more screencap to finish this post. Because I can!

dialady 8


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