30 Days of Hello! Project Challenge

Dear reader, thank you for coming back to my blog after so many months of absence from my side. Are you a first-time reader? Welcome, and enjoy your stay! I’ll try not to abandon you immediately. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? :P

People are doing this 30 days challenge on Facebook and Twitter, where you answer to an idol related question every day for 30 days. I did a similar thing last year on Facebook, but it was about all idols in general. I gave up halfway. I also remember doing one about five years ago. There are plenty of new members this year, and plenty of new questions, so I decided to use this as a means of bringing my blog back to life.

I’m using screencaps from this year’s songs in my answers. I only picked currently active idols, unless the question specifically mentioned past idols. I also tried hard not to mention anyone twice. What? I said I tried.

Here we go…!

Day 1: Your favorite Idol? Mai Ozeki

challenge ozeki

A while ago my dear friend Arauca (@Arau_u) asked me for the link to my blog post about Ozeki. There’s no such post, but the fact that she thought there was, it says a lot about me and my idol focus this year! The adorable Mai-chan has stolen my heart. ♥ I’ve always been a fan of many idols, but Sayu and Mai, I’ll put these two in their own special top class idol category, although not quite the same level. I’ll save the rest for my blog post titled Mai-chan or Ozeki-chan (perhaps not Ozeko, that reminds me too much of Utako now).

Day 2: The Idol you hate* or dislike*? Kanon Fukuda

challenge maro

Sure, I’d happily be friends with a person like Maro, but she’s not what I personally look for in an idol, so I would rank her last or one of the last. I can see why she has her fans though (can’t blame her for being boring) and I’m sure I’ll miss her at times after she has graduated. …Hey look, a funny screencap to lighten up a negative question! ^^

Day 3: If you are or were a boy who would be your girlfriend? Maimi Yajima

challenge maimi

Well, my path is straight, but Maimi is so gorgeous, she… ah, sorry. I mean I’m not changing my answer from previous years. Strong, beautiful and kind, isn’t she the perfect girlfriend? She seems flawless at first glance, but I’m sure she will soon put you at ease. Just don’t forget your umbrella when you go out with her. (Will these rain jokes ever stop?)

Day 4: If the Idol was a boy, who would be your boyfriend? Kanon Suzuki

challenge zukki hold

Wait, I picked Zukki last year too, didn’t I? What was it? Her adorable smile? Her teddy bear? Her sense of humour? Her pinchable cheeks? Whatever it was, I’m totally in love with Mr Suzuki as I imagine him.

Day 5: Favorite Group? Can I pick three? No? Umm… °C-ountry Girls。’15

challenge mmchallenge cute hugchallenge cg

Don’t make me pick. Just don’t. There’s Morning Musume, the legendary group that I’ve admired more than anything for the past 8 years. Then there’s °C-ute, the tight-knit group with fantastic performance quality. And finally my new love Country Girls, who are so adorable, I can’t but roll on the floor like the pitiful fangirl I am. I’m tempted to pick Country Girls for this one, but this might be just a… phase? Either that or I’ve been captured by a gang of adorable love thieves.

Day 6: Favorite Unit? Peaberry

challenge peaberry

Hm? What units are there these days? The Satoyama and Satoumi ones? I loved Dialady, but Risako is not around anymore, so… what do I have left? Peaberry? Peaberry it is. Please, make a new unit with Ozeki-chan!

Day 7: Favorite Couple? Mai Ozeki + Chisaki Morito

challenge couple

This doesn’t count as a unit, but perhaps it counts as a couple? I’m not very much into the pairing thing now that Sayu isn’t around to play the kissing game anymore.

Day 8: Your favorite voice? Haruka Kudo

challenge duu

I used to pick cute or nasally voices like Nacky and Maimai for this one, but let me jump the bandwagon for once… (and it’s not just the voice, I adore everything about Duu!)

Day 9: The voice you dislike? Nobody?

challenge 12th gen

Sorry, I’ll skip this one. I don’t really dislike anyone’s voice now. I can tell that some of the new members can’t sing well yet, but I’ll give them time.

Day 10: The idol you used to hate* and now like? Rikako Sasaki

challenge rikako

My first impression: calm down, girl! But she’s really just a charming girl.

Day 11: Favorite °C-ute member? Airi Suzuki

challenge airi

This screencap is too serious (not to mention too still and silent) to show Airi at her best, but yeah, she’s still the one. I adore everyone in the group though, including Chisato, who doesn’t get another mention in this post.

Day 12: Favorite Kobushi Factory member? Rena Ogawa

challenge rena

I reckon Renako could be better suited for Country Girls than Kobushi Factory, but we’ll see.

Day 13: Favorite Country Girls member? Mai Ozeki

challenge ozeki adorable

You can say that again!

Day 14: The idol with the best body? Haruna Iikubo

challenge harunan

Screencap showing Harunan’s pretty face instead, because there haven’t been any bikini PVs this year. Runner-up: Mai Hagiwara and the Amazing Waist, but I chose her for another day.

Day 15: Favorite Morning Musume member? Riho Sayashi

challenge riho balance

And many different oshi candidates, I guess. RihoRiho is great, but she doesn’t stand out that much. I also really like Duu, Ayumi and Akane and others. I don’t want a new Morning Musume oshi so soon, if ever.

Day 16: Favorite ANGERME member? Ayaka Wada

challenge ayacho

Ayacho it is! Don’t read too much into the English subtitle here. :P

Day 17: Favorite Juice=Juice member? Sayuki Takagi

challenge sayubee

And I mean what I say! Sayubee is my Juice=Juice oshi since day one.

Day 18: The best actress? I wonder…

challenge actresses

I haven’t paid attention to idols’ acting skills. I might get back to this after I’ve watched some more musicals.

Day 19: Who would you like to be for a day? Chisaki Morito

challenge chisaki

I want to be Chii on a day they perform Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne. I’m sorry for such a lame answer. *hides face*

Day 20: Your favorite “new” member (12kies, 3rd generation of S/mileage, Country girls and KoFa/TsuFa)? Akane Haga

challenge akane

I’m not gonna post Ozeki-chan for a third time, so here you go, the best 12th gen member! She’s absolutely charming, yo.

Day 21: The idol you have the most respect for or admire? Airi Suzuki

challenge airi gamusha

I’ll allow myself another exception here and post someone twice. When I think about the workload Airi has had over the years, and the fantastic results it has brought, my head starts spinning and I need to lie down.

Day 22: Your favorite “fashionista”? Manaka Inaba

challenge manakan

I’m not interested in fashion and most of the time, I find fashionable things tacky or impractical. I decided to interpret this question in my own way: whose style I’d like to learn from. I often find myself admiring feminine things, yet my wardrobe consists mostly of jeans and unisex T-shirts. Manakan loves all things girly, and it seems so natural for her.

Day 23: Past H!P member you miss the most? Sayumi Michishige

challenge sayu

I don’t need to explain this, do I. ♥

Day 24: Idol that is not one of your favorites but you think is really good. Masaki Sato

challenge maachan

Her hilariously childish personality makes a wonderful contrast with her serious stage presence. She’s become a great performer, don’t you think?

Day 25: Past group you miss the most? v-u-den

challenge biyuuden rikachallenge biyuuden erika challenge biyuuden yui

I also considered Buono! for this one, but you know, I saw them last year. As for v-u-den… The first H!P single that I ever bought was their last one. That was so many years ago I lost count.

Day 26: Idol with the best personality? Risa Yamaki

challenge risa

If we discuss a sweet personality rather than idol chara, Risa comes to mind. Did you know that she’s a huge fan of Sayu’s? She might not make a fuss over herself and her fangirling the way many other idols do, but the passion and love she has for Sayu and Morning Musume is wonderful. I cried when I watched the video where she found out she was picked for Country Girls. Nobody deserved it more.

Day 27: Idol that you have special feelings for? Saki Nakajima

challenge nacky

I didn’t really notice Nacky at first, but I got interested in her because my husband likes her so much. Watching Nacky I’m reminded of my husband, and the more I watch her, the more I like her. Does this work the other way around too?

Day 28: Idol that brings you special memories of something or somebody? Mai Hagiwara

challenge maimai separate

“…I’ll never forget the warmth from that hand” Maimai in particular brings back lovely memories from Japan Expo in 2013 and 2014. I was wearing a pink Suu-san shirt both times I met her, but Maimai treated me like her number one fan. No, friend. I love her.

Day 29: Your favorite idol leader? Momoko Tsugunaga

challenge momochi

Well, overall I prefer Maimi, but my leader award of 2015 goes to Momochi senpai! I see nothing but positive things in her position as a playing manager, which I reckon is similar to that of a leader. She’s done a brilliant job blending in with a group of teenagers, standing out just the right amount to help gain popularity, and stepping back to let the “real members” shine. Her presence raises not only the experience level and average age of the group. The interaction between Momoko and Ozeki-chan in particular is hilarious! *applauds*

Day 30: The idol you’d like to go on a vacation with for a week? Ayumi Ishida

challenge ayumi

This girl is someone I can really relate to, so I have a feeling we could get along. I won’t analyse this in detail, just in case you’re a fan of hers and happen to hate me. Or the other way around. Watermelons though… om nom nom… and that’s how I finish my post. Thank you for reading!

* There’s no hate/dislike here and never was. I didn’t come up with these questions!


6 thoughts on “30 Days of Hello! Project Challenge

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  2. Interesting answers. It always is nice to get perspectives from others. Those little stories you shared were great too and it’s nice your husband shares in the love. (claps)

    “As for v-u-den… The first H!P single that I ever bought was their last one. That was so many years ago I lost count.”

    I have a REALLY weird relationship with v-u-den. They were around the time I entered high school and disbanded the week of my graduation. In a sense, it was like going to school with them and coming of age towards the end. Time can be a weird thing.

    (Also, it’s about seven. Egad, I feel old just saying that.)

    • Thank you! :)

      Ah I guess v-u-den reminds you of high school times then. I entered high school (or our local equivalent, somewhere between high school and college) the year Morning Musume was formed, but I only became a fan 10 years later. Luckily I’ve graduated already. XD

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