Riho Sayashi to Graduate from Morning Musume

I didn’t expect to write a title like this just yet. I mean, I know Riho has been in the group for nearly five years, but… she’s just 17 and very popular, she could’ve continued like this for another five years if not more! Instead, like you must have heard by now, Riho will be graduating from Morning Musume ’15 on the 31th of December 2015 to turn a new page in her life.

If I’d been more active a blogger this year, I would’ve dedicated blog posts to several fantastic idols, one of them being Riho. She’s my favourite girl in Morning Musume ’15 (emphasis on the numbers) and one of my favourites since the moment she joined, so this announcement hit me pretty hard. It’s been a few days since the announcement, and I still haven’t fully realised it’s happening. In just two months today, Riho will have graduated. It’s such a short notice for us fans to prepare…


It’s a short time to prepare, but I’m grateful for Riho’s years in Morning Musume.

Riho is incredibly charming and lovable. She’s not even an adult yet and she has achieved so much. She’s a brilliant performer, and… I just want to pat her head. I don’t know. I want to watch her shine on stage, and then I want to pat her head. I’m sorry, I know I’m starting to sound… eh… let’s just say I totally agree with Sayu on Riho… except that I don’t think she’s lost her cuteness with age, heh. ^^ I like everything about RihoRiho so much, from her flawless dance to her awkwardly adorable smile to her amusing personality. Riho is soothing. Yes, soothing! That’s the word I was looking for! Her presence in Morning Musume is soothing and will be sorely missed.

Having said all this, I fully support Riho’s brave decision. Her plan to study English while perfecting her dance skills sounds great, doesn’t it? I’m sure that Riho Sayashi ’16 will be amazing! ♥

Links: UP-FRONT LINK in English, Riho’s own blog post, Hello! Project site.


One thought on “Riho Sayashi to Graduate from Morning Musume

  1. Indeed. Riho will be missed and it’s amazing how far-reaching her influence was. So much for Morning Musume losing its relevance in today’s times.

    However, Riho has left her mark and will continue to shine. Now, it’s up to her juniors and colleagues to carry the torch.

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