Hello! Project Praise Post

Hello! Project is wonderful! :)

Do you agree? I’m glad to hear, most of you guys do. I have to say though, I’ve seen many people lose their interest in Hello! Project as of late. Maybe their tastes changed, or maybe their favourite members graduated. There are a lot of possible reasons. But I… I like H!P more and more every day! I can’t help it, I just do! I discovered H!P in February 2007, so I’ll celebrate our (?!) 4th anniversary with a slightly silly but very cute praise post.

Keep reading for more pics that make you smile! ^^ Coincidentally, it’s also Valentine’s Day today (Japanese time), and what is a better time than this to list my top reasons as to why being a H!P fan is so lovely. By H!P I don’t mean just Sayumi or even Morning Musume. I’m a big fan of Erina Mano as well and I also like C-ute and Buono! lots. Oh and S/mileage and Berryz Koubou are nice but I don’t pay much attention to them. Something I really like about all of H!P is…

There is always something fun to look forward to.

An obvious reason that even my neighbours can understand is, I like the music. The upbeat songs are fun and sometimes a little weird, the ballads are pretty and often have sweet or comforting lyrics. And the release process is fun to follow. First, a new single is announced. The release date is still months away, but everyone is excited about it already. Up Front Agency knows this, so it reveals the details to us little by little. We get to see the title, the covers, the promotional videos, the TV appearances. By the release date, many fans have already preordered their copies. Who are our rivals for the Oricon ranking? What kind of first week sales can we expect? Should I sell my kidney so I can afford as many editions as possible? These are the questions on everyone’s lips. Then it’s over… until it all starts again. (Screencap from Fujiwara no Arigatai to Omoe, subbed by Hyakupa Subs.)

It’s not just the singles and the albums though. I keep hearing about the golden age when everything was more entertaining (I wasn’t a fan back then so I can’t really tell), but don’t you agree that UFA still has a lot of ways to keep the fans interested? I mean, we have the concert tours, the TV shows, the radio shows, the photobooks, the DVD releases, the mooks, the magazine articles, the merchandise… the auditions and the graduations… and sometimes, Tsunku surprises us with an announcement of a new group or a soloist.

But what is it that makes idols better than ordinary singers? First of all…

It’s so much more than just the music!

H!P idols are not comedians, but they make me smile and laugh all the time. They make any TV show worth watching, and especially Sayu has become a wonderful tarento. Don’t  you agree though, they don’t even need talk show hosts to be entertaining? They are funny just being themselves, and watching them never fails to cheer me up, no matter how bad a day I had. This is not the funniest H!P moment ever, but still an amusing screencap. (This and all the rest screencap subs by Hello! Fansubs.)

Needless to say (but as you can see, I’m going to say it anyway :P), they look amazing and they wear the prettiest outfits, which brightens my day and inspires me take better care of my own appearance.

Another important point is, everyone in H!P has worked very hard to come this far and they continue to give it their all every day. This effort of theirs makes me want to try harder in my own life so I can make my dreams come true as well. :) Their positivity is so contagious! Actually, that brings us to my number one reason, which is a little difficult to put in words. But I’ll try phrasing it like this…

Hello! Project makes me feel happy.

It’s nothing in particular, yet it’s so many things. It’s silly little habits that make me smile, such as saying otsukareina to a Reina pic after finishing my work, doing the usachan peace pose whenever I notice the time is 22 minutes past anything, or shouting help me! along with Sayumi while listening to Resonant Blue. It’s Aichan’s adorably loud laugh on a radio show and Erina Mano’s contagious smile in a PV close-up. It’s the look in another fan’s eyes that says yes I know what you mean! and the moment when I stop staring at Momusu and look by my side, where I see people all glowing with happiness and excitement. It’s…

Yep, it’s Sekai wa Summer Party… the best H!P song and PV ever! ^^ Manochan has birds and soap bubbles coming from her suitcase! S/mileage are dancing in the background! Let’s go! Umm… where was I? Right. Hello! Project. I love the sweet positivity of it all and I love being able to share it with people who are as passionate about it as I am. Even when I feel miserable, just looking through my photo collection comforts me, much the same way as the presence of a good friend. They have been a big part of my life for the past four years, that is much more than most of my… well, friends.

So… what kind of a relationship is this?

Have you guys watched Momusu’s Pikapika concert from spring 2010? It’s a great concert, isn’t it? And when I was thinking of a way to sum up my post, I thought of Sayu’s part in the ending MC. Here’s what she said (translated by Sohee for Hello! Fansubs):

Today’s concert was really fun. Because it was fun, I still want to be with all of you. I really still want to be here and just talk to you. But we have to think of the opening hours and if we keep on for too long, it’ll cost more to rent this hall. And if we think of it like that, it might be bad for the economy. And because everyone has to make sure to catch the last train home. We don’t want to cause any troubles for any of you, so I’ll keep this MC short and clear.

Sayu might be a pro, but that is a genuine smile. She really does enjoy her job. She loves singing, dancing, talking, posing, blogging, and seeing her fans happy. And the fans love her for that and do their best to support her and her group. In my opinion, this is what Hello! Project is all about. That kind of a devoted relationship. It’s nothing dead serious, but it can definitely become an important part of your life. It’s probably similar with other idol groups as well, but I have enough to like about Hello! Project, so I’m not very much interested in them.

Dear Hello! Project! Thank you so much for these four years. I am a happy fan. ハロプロが大好きです!今まで、ありがとうございました!これからもがんばってね。♥

Dear readers of my blog! Please cherish and support your favourite idols (whoever they are right now) and (more importantly!) the people in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

An obvious reason that even my neighbours can understand is, I like the music. The upbeat songs are fun and sometimes a little weird, the ballads are pretty and often have sweet lyrics. But the best thing about idols is, it’s so much more than just the music!

10 thoughts on “Hello! Project Praise Post

  1. I couldn’t have put it better myself. H!P’s positivity and happiness, both musically and in terms of it’s idols, is the ultimate feelgood pasttime. I don’t know what I’d do without a daily dose of H!P. I’ve never found anything else that even comes close to rivalling H!P.

  2. This was a lovely post. If I had a blog(which I’m far to lazy to have) I’d have writtem simmilar things, although I doubt I could have put it better. I also would have used Aika instead of Sayu xD But alas, I love them both.

  3. Thanks for your comments, both of you.

    And Maya, I actually wanted to use someone else so my post would show that I’m not just a Sayu fan, but after rewatching the MC, I felt that Sayu’s part was the closest to what I wanted to say, so I used it anyway. :)

    I just realised, the title of this entry is quite a tongue twister. Try saying it fast many times in a row. XD

  4. I love this!!! Thank you first for being so positive and second for saying everything that I feel about H!P so well. <3 It really does make ya happy,ne? ^_^

  5. ^ I actually really like the title. Alliteration makes it catchy and easy to remember!

    I too love Hello! Project because it makes me happy. For me, you could almost say it’s like a drug, “synthetic happiness” if you will. It’s addicting and makes me feel good! ><

    Sayu's MC is really sweet, too. She really does seem to "get it."

    • Isilwentari: Thank you. :) It really does!

      Nights4Saturn: Yep… like a drug… a harmless drug. Not very cheap one though. XD

  6. Strumbled on this post at random.

    I must say: couldn’t have said it better myself.

    If in the future I need to explain to people why I love H!P, I’ll point them to this post.

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