Team C-ute in Paris

Like I mentioned before, I… afsajhgfaksjkh!!! I saw ℃-ute in Paris two weeks ago! I saw Maimi, Nacky, Airi, Chisato and Mai! I saw them smile and dance, I heard them speak and sing, I… *cries then comes back to senses so she can finally write this entry*

Morningtime blogged about the events here and some more here while we were still in Paris. And we were together 99% of the time, so… yeah. Go ahead and read his blog posts, they are great. Chances are though, you came here from his blog. Well, I’m the girlfriend in the story. ^^ There’s my hand and my arm and my pink wristband in some of the pics. :P

What is the purpose of this blog entry then? Well. I know I’m really late with this but I do want to write down a few memories of my own before they start to get blurry. I was exhausted when I came home from Paris and had to start working right away, hence the delay. And I do have more than just a few words to say. Feel free to skip some of it. ^^;

The Thursday conference was when I first saw the girls so that was an emotional moment for me. But Friday was even more fun. I had the time of my life at the concert, which was full of energy and epic moments. I was glad to share the experience with so many fellow fans… with Team ℃-ute. Everyone was so kind, even those who I met for a first time. And even those who already knew me… hehe. :P The concert was followed by a lucky coincidence of seeing the girls very close as they left the venue, as well as having a fun wota night out in a bar nearby. By the time we got back to our hotel, I was overwhelmed by emotions and exhausted from queuing all day in the heat. I’d also had something to drink and not quite as much to eat… and my throat was sore from all the chanting and shouting. I needed the sleep.

I will never forget the handshake events on the Saturday. I’ll describe this in more detail as here is where my experience is slightly different (yet very similar) from that of Morningtime’s. I can’t properly put it into words what I felt during those precious seconds.

What I was looking forward to was shaking the girls’ hands and seeing their faces closer than I ever could and sharing a few happy smiles with them. I did say something to each girl though and our little dialogues were entirely in Japanese. Mostly I just let them know how happy and grateful I was to see them. And they replied with similar phrases. I won’t repeat all that.

I had a card with me I’d written with Morningtime. I figured it’s best to give it to a staff member as the girls might not have anywhere to put it. I hope they received it and read it. I drew a small world map on the card, full of red, blue, pink, green, and yellow hearts. I thought of the people I know online when deciding which colour goes where.

Maimai was first. She looked so lovely, her skin was glowing and her eyes sparkling. I told her I was happy to see her and that I came from Finland… (Well technically I came from the UK this time but I’m from Finland anyway.) I let all the five girls know this, I only needed to say it three times though because some overheard it. They seemed to at least understand it’s a whole another country.

Next up was Nacky, I smiled at her (she looked so cute!) and eventually said a few words and then this, while gesturing towards Morningtime…

Me: This is my boyfriend…
Nacky: Oh, your boyfriend…?

A push on my shoulder. Time was up! Nacky was very cute but she might have been a little confused. I’m not sure if she realised that I wanted to say more.

My seconds with Maimi, Airi and Chisa were very similar as with Mai. With Airi though, I just went “Airiii…” at first. I could barely speak. Her smile… I will never forget it.

After the first handshake session as they walked away, I sent hearts to Nacky and Airi and they sent hearts back to me. That way I could also sort of continue from where we left with Nacky. I was happy… no, that’s an understatement. I even cried a little.

Taken at the Thursday conference, somehow this pic sums up the weekend pretty well. Not taken by me, found on Hello! Online picboard. Not sure where from originally.

Taken at the Thursday conference, somehow this pic sums up the weekend pretty well. Not taken by me, found on Hello! Online picboard. Not sure where from originally.

Everything was over so quickly, so we decided to attend the second session as well.

Me: I wanted to see you once more!
Mai: Yes! ^^
Me: Maimai, your… new… photobook… I want it!
Mai (grabbing my hand again): Oh, thank you!

This was one of my most memorable moments of the entire weekend. My time with Mai was relatively long for some reason and I felt like I was actually having a discussion with her instead of simply blurting out fangirly words of affection. What I said about the photobook was actually like this (writing in romaji so more people can understand, and my pronunciation is not worthy of hiragana to begin with): Maimai no… atarashii… shashinshuu ga… and here I forgot how to say nicely and politely “I want to buy” so I just ended it a little abruptly with hoshii. I was happy to tell her this and I actually am going to buy it. I mean I definitely will. But what really impressed me was how carefully Mai listened to what I had to say. After each word, she seemed to lean forward and nod her head a tiny teeny bit to let me know she understands me. You know how idols say important stuff in concerts and the crowd goes oooooOOO after each word? Well okay this wasn’t the same thing. xD But you see, all 100% of Mai Hagiwara was listening to me as if I was someone important. She made me feel like a precious friend she had always wanted to meet. I obviously knew that idols are nothing like your regular celebs, but I hadn’t expected to feel her presence and her love towards a fan quite so strongly. I look up to her so much (even if I’m almost twice her age) but she didn’t look down on me one bit. Quite much the opposite. And then… she grabbed my hands again. I had already let her go but she grabbed my hands (or hand?) once more and thanked me. Maimai has been one of my favourite idols for so long but now I love her even more.

I’m babbling about Mai here but the same goes for the others as well. All the five girls were not just incredibly beautiful and charming in real life, but they also had this friendly approachable aura over them that made me feel so happy. Idol aura?

I was glad to wear my Airi shirts and I did it with a good reason. And it’s still Airi who my eyes follow the most whenever I watch ℃-ute. But it is true that I’m even more of a ℃-ute DD now than I was before. Well, not entirely, but you know there’s this huge bias I have for Sayu in Momusu. With ℃-ute, it’s different. I love all of them pretty much equally.(≧∇≦)Which I don’t consider a bad thing at all.

Okay, after Mai was my second attempt of talking to Nacky.

Me: Yesterday was fun!
Nacky: Yes, thank you!
Me (pointing my hand toward Morningtime): He…
Nacky: He…?
Me: He is from England!
Nacky: England?
Me: Yes!

Morningtime told me later that Nacky turned to him at this point and smiled. Success! I didn’t get to tell her how long he’d been a fan but it doesn’t matter. It might sound odd but discussing Morningtime with Nacky had been daydream of mine for years, and now this dream came true. Next up was Maimi. I was partly mesmerised by hear beauty and partly still thinking about Nacky and Mai so I couldn’t say much more than thank her from the bottom of my heart. And then Airi…

Me: I… wanted to see you… (stumbling with my words here)… more…
Airi: Thank you! ^^
Me: I love you!

I hadn’t planned to say this, it just came out! But then Airi’s smile was so beautiful I felt like crying again. She looked stunning and at the same time, so friendly. Such a warm, sweet smile. I can’t put it into words how much this moment meant to me. Then I got pushed forward, but something happened and I realised I was holding both Airi and Chisato’s hands at the same time. Thinking back, it’s all a bit of a blur but I’m sure I did let Airi go… eventually. xD Chisato had heard me with Airi, so I told her that “I love Chisato too”, which resulted in even more smiling. All three of us smiling so so so much. It was a wonderfully funny moment and I could see both Airi and Chisa were amused. In a good way. I didn’t say much more to Chisato, and then it all was quickly over.

The whole experience in Paris was fantastic and a dream come true. And not just for us fans! I’m sure Maimi, Nacky, Airi, Chisa and Mai would agree. Right now though, they’re celebrating the weekly sales of Amefuri / Adam to Eve (well over 60,000 on Oricon listing!) and they have their Budokan live to prepare for… I hear it sold out in one minute! And it’s a huge venue, isn’t it! I’m so happy for them. Thank you Team ℃-ute!

I haven’t had the time to read many other reports yet but I definitely will do it now. Please don’t hesitate to link your blogs and such. And do share any thoughts in the comments or elsewhere! :D


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    • Thanks for your comment. :) There wasn’t much time to speak, really. Many people didn’t say anything to them and it’s not weird at all I reckon. It’s a quick handshake, a smile, and your time is up. I just felt like speaking.

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