Thank You, Sayumin (Thoughts After Graduation)

When Sayumi‘s graduation was announced, I wrote down my initial thoughts here. At the time I thought, I won’t have anything to add once the graduation is over. How wrong I was.

The graduation is much harder for me to endure than I expected. It feels so weird and lonely now that Sayu is no longer in Morning Musume. If I feel weird, I wonder how the fans who regularly attended Sayu’s events are feeling. How is Sayu herself feeling now…? My mind starts to spin when I try to imagine.


It’s not just sadness though. My strongest feeling is… how do I put it? Can I say, love? The graduation concert was so beautiful and so Sayu! If you, dear reader, attended the concert… yep, I’m extremely jealous of you! ^^ I was jealous even of the people who watched the direct stream while I was bored at work. Thanks to my lovely Twitter list who live tweeted the concert, I knew what was happening in real time. I watched the concert later that day. The concert was quite simple actually, but a concert focusing on Sayu can be nothing but flawless. Definitely the best concert ever.

I won’t go through the concert in detail as most of you have probably watched it by now, or heard about it so much you feel like you have watched it. I love how the setlist was full of Sayu solos and leads, complete with an epic SayuRiho kiss! The concert wasn’t just Sayu being her cute and funny self though. She carried on so well after hurting her leg, despite clearly being in pain. Besides that, the thing that most impressed me was the fact that she had memorised all of her heartfelt graduation speech instead of reading it out loud. What a fantastic way to finish a long idol career.

Also… this graduation dress is very Sayu-like, isn’t it. I remember she said she wanted a dress for her Personal Book that is made of flowers. Well, she had a dress that had some flowers attached to it. A dress made of flowers? This is more like it!

sayu grad flower dress 2

I might feel lost and lonely now, but my love for Morning Musume and idols hasn’t disappeared anywhere. I wrote to Sayu I will support Morning Musume from now on too, and that’s what I’m going to do. Sayumin remains my eternal number one though.

In the picture below, Sayu expresses her gratitude towards her fans for the love and support. Indeed, I feel grateful too, when I think of all the Sayu wota who supported her better than I ever could. Moreover, she writes that she’s really happy to have met everyone. Her fans know that it’s not just words. It’s also her beautiful smile during every event. It’s the gentle look in her eyes when she read her final speech. It’s so many things. Thank you, Sayumin! ^^


I’ve already written this to you personally in a letter and in your blog comments, but Sayumin, congratulations on your graduation! Thank you so much! I’m at a loss for words when I think of all the hard work you have done. No words are beautiful enough to fully express my gratitude and admiration towards you. You weren’t born an artist, but you overcame all the obstacles simply because you loved Morning Musume so much. You became a fantastic idol with a truly unique aura and eventually, a respected and beloved leader. You have thousands and thousands of fans who admire you, even more than that, worship you, those strange people. ^^ You are a legend。大好きだよ。

I haven’t seen a photo of you today, but I know for a fact that you’re cute today too. Some things will never change. ♥


Sayu’s final blog post (source of current bg as well) here
List of other posts regarding Sayu’s grad (from H!P idols and others) here


5 thoughts on “Thank You, Sayumin (Thoughts After Graduation)

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  2. I’m sure she read your letter and felt your love.For me the concert was more about crying and feeling so sorry for her that’s why I worried you might have been even more devastated. But your post was full of love and I’m happy for you. I should re-watch the concert and focus more on her beauty. Great post!

    • Thank you. :)

      Actually, I did cry while watching the graduation. It’s been much harder for me than I expected, I expected to cry, but not this much. Anyway, I also really enjoyed the concert, it was fantastic. Why did you feel sorry for her, because she hurt herself?

      • Yes, exactly because of that. This was supposed to be her perfect day. Her tears of pain were unbearable for me :( She’s my number two oshi and definite number one when it comes to PBs and all the beauty shots she did.

      • Yeah. It’s such a shame she had to perform in pain on such an important day, I was devastated when I saw that happen. :( But more than feeling sorry for her, I was proud of her. She continued to perform with such determination despite the obvious pain, it was beautiful and touching. It was the last big challenge she had to face as an idol, and she more than passed the test. A true idol to me is not someone who is flawless and never trips or fails but rather someone who never gives up and always does her best, no matter what. Someone who puts her heart fully into what she’s doing. When I look at it this way, this concert was perfect. Well, nearly perfect. I still wish Sayu hadn’t hurt herself.

        You have a great taste in idols, I must say! :D

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