A Screencap is Worth How Many Words?

I’ve been neglecting my blog, and it’s become such a mess. I only blogged about Dia Lady even though I liked HI-FIN just as much? The latest Momusu single is one of my favourite idol releases of all time, but I haven’t even mentioned it yet? Sayu is cute today too and I haven’t published a post about her for how long? More than a gallery of idols that matter to me, it looks like Hanakotoba! is a place for me to babble whenever I have nothing else to do. It doesn’t reflect my feelings well, and I hate that. Let me try and fix this?

Perhaps I’ve been trying too hard to come up with brilliant reviews. Let’s face it, I’m more a Twitter sort of girl. Who says I have to write a lot though? Or even more important, who cares enough to read that much anyway? After all, a screencap is worth a thousand words.

Just look at this… there are no words to describe this level of hkdhsaksjgsgjkk. ♥ (Guess who has ordered this FC DVD? :D I’m also super excited about Sayu having a photobook come out next month! *high fives with all Sayu fans*)

sayu fc dvd

I’m in LOVE with the latest single, it’s pure perfection, and both songs give me so much energy.

sayu no gundan 1

wagamama haruna sayumi mizuki

When it comes to songs as brilliant as Ai no Gundan and Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke though, a video is what you need. Pictures are nice but they don’t dance or sing. This is a nice dance screencap though, for slightly biased reasons.

ai no gundan

There was no Sayu in the Satoumi units, but I adored HI-FIN. The song Kaigan Seisou Danshi is pretty, relaxing and fun. I liked the line-up for these three members:

hifin mai

hifin nacky

hifin ayumi 1

Yes, I really like Ayumi these days. Along with Riho and Zukki and perhaps Sakura (I don’t have to mention Sayu, do I?), she has been one of my favourite Momusu members for quite a while, but I’m really starting to fangirl over her now. And not just because of this…

ayumi riho dance

Or this…

ayumi sayumi

Although it does help if you are a Sayu loving dance machine.

You know who else is great? Ahokombi! Okay so that’s Sayu again with Eri but these screencaps are too epic not to post here. The current line-up is enough to keep me happy, but from time to time, my fangirl heart does crave some platinum era and even older times.

sayu new york

sayu new york 2

Looks like I’m starting to babble, after all… let’s finish the post before it’s too late. D: Enjoy this adorable usachan peace from 2005! Bye bye!

sayu usachan 2005 haru


4 thoughts on “A Screencap is Worth How Many Words?

  1. I am seriously loving Leader-Sayu right now AND those two singles. and those are some epic-ally adorable pics btw. My brother will fan-boy over those so bad. ;p Glad to see you posting again! ^_^

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