Idol Songs Top 20 in 2014

Here it is, my idol songs top 20 in 2014! Yeah, it’s 2015 already, but I had a very busy end of the year… and start of the year… so, I’ve been writing this little by little for about two months. LOL Better late than never? I do remember skipping 2013 entirely though. ><

1. Morning Musume ’14 (Sayumi Michishige)Shabadabadoo

Well, what can I say. I love Sayumin, I love Shabadabadoo. This is a treat for all Sayu fans whether they like the song or not. The song is cute as a button though, not to mention Sayu herself. As expected from the flawless queen of cuteness. I miss her so much… ♥

PV link: here

shabadabadoo 4shabadabadoo 6shabadabadoo 24shabadabadoo 25shabadabadoo 28shabadabadoo 32shabadabadoo 33

2. Morning Musume ’14TIKI BUN

I can’t get enough of TIKI BUN. Everything about it is just perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing. I know tend to I interpret lyrics in my own way, but it’s a song that gives me strength when I’m hesitating to go for it just because I might fail. Besides Sayumi, the girls who stand out to me in the PV are DJ RihoRiho and the exceptionally cool Duu  – gotta love that smile at 1:38! Those two besides Ayumin are my current top three. Morning Musume singles have been fantastic since One Two Three, I hope they won’t change too much this year. ^^

PV link: here

tiki bun sleeptiki bun duutiki bun flamestiki bun believetiki bun riho

3. Morning Musume ’14 (Riho Sayashi and Sakura Oda)Kirari to Hikaru Hoshi

An inspiring song with powerful vocals, Kirari to Hikaru Hoshi is my favourite new album song. I absolutely lack the vocabulary to describe a song, but it’s… strong and sparkly? Does that sound too much like a drink? Anyway, these two make the perfect duo, and I’m only biased when it comes to Riho.

Song link: here (screencap from another performance)

riho sakura

4. Orange PortYELL

I mentioned Orange Port in another post of mine here. They are a friendly local idol group from Numazu, Eastern Shizuoka. They released two songs in 2014, YELL and with U. Both are great, but this one is extremely captivating and literally made for you to cheer on the girls. Genuine idol music at its best!

Below are screencaps from their full member version (watch it here) and the 5-member dance shot with a dance lesson at the end (here).

orange port yellorange port yell dance

5. Yuu KikkawaIi Jan

I don’t follow Yuu* that closely, but she had some fantastic releases in 2014. Complete with a hilarious PV, Ii Jan is a song that will make even the toughest perfectionist smile.

PV link: here

*Do I really have to call her You or Kikka? I don’t want to. ><

ii jan meaninglessii jan readyii jan life

6. Morning Musume ’14Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa

The best word to describe this song is bright. It’s a perfect example of Morning Musume lyrics these days. Instead of a whiny love story of the past, it’s a bunch of charming and inspirational phrases. Great colours in the PV as well, not to mention the smiles. ^^

PV link: here

egao no kimi startegao no kimi riho winkegao no kimi ikitekosoegao no kimi sayu smileegao no kimi four

7. Sakura GakuinHana*Hana

This is actually an album song, but it’s so lively and so pretty, I prefer it to Sakura Gakuin’s singles this year. Girly stuff like flowers are often looked down on in real life, but Sakura Gakuin are professional at making anything seem like the best thing ever. The PV is super creative!

PV link: here

8. °C-uteKokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita

A beautiful yet catchy song, I’m more than happy with this one. The PV is fresh and everyone looks so pretty with their rosy cheeks. There are never too much PVs with outdoor shots! Also, the all of me bits are somehow cute. I always tend to like the random English words in lyrics, even though it isn’t my first language.

PV link: here

kokoro no sakebi distance kokoro no sakebi tearskokoro no sakebi song

9. Morning Musume ’14What Is Love?

Like most of my readers probably remember, the song was made in collaboration with the fans and J-MELO. The result is your typical Morning Musume song, very catchy. Oh is that birds I hear chirping? ^^

PV link: here

what is love one person what is love necessary what is love want

10. Morning Musume ’14Mikaeri Bijin

Mikaeri Bijin is a beautiful tribute to my kamioshi. I can’t even listen to it without feeling emotional, let alone watch the PV. So in a way, I love it. However, it’s not the type of song I would normally enjoy. It’s a good song, but I wouldn’t have listened to it twice if I wasn’t already a fan. How do you rank a song like this? No idea. I decided to rank it 10th, because 10… is a good number.

PV link: here

mikaeri everyone's idol mikaeri talkmikaeri miss you

11. Hello! Project KenshuuseiOheso no Kuni Kara Konnichiwa

This song is full of positive energy. Isn’t it even more fun to watch this now when so many of the girls have debuted or are just about to? :) (My choice of screencaps though… that’s my blog’s first and possibly last tribute to the lovely Nanamin and Kurumin. Nanami was my Kenshuusei favourite before she left, and I have to say, I’m upset that she didn’t get the chance to debut, despite all the effort. Her dream was to join Morning Musume.)

PV link: here

oheso 1 oheso 2oheso kurumin

12. Morning Musume ’14Password is 0

Recent Morning Musume songs are more than just a cool electric sound and a brilliant choreography. They are my true inspiration.

PV link: here

password all password kamozarand password sayu

13. Sakura GakuinHeart no Hoshi

My oshi Marina had already graduated before this single, but Sakura Gakuin are still brilliant. The song flows nicely and the PV is a lot of fun to watch.

PV link: here

sg heart no hoshi forest sg heart no hoshi hana yuisg heart no hoshi dance

14. RYUTistWind Chime ~Machi no Tunnel~

RYUTist is another local idol group I really like. They have such a sweet aura and they truly shine on the tiny stages where they perform. The song is pretty, even if not their best.

PV link: here

ryutist wind chimeryutist wind chime muutan wakka ryutist wind chime nonno wakka ryutist wind chime tomochy

15. Yuu KikkawaSuki no Kazoekata

Another nice song from Kikkawa, this one is sooo cute! Pay attention to the bunny peace in the screencap below and the fact that she is sporting clothes from MILK, one of Sayu’s favourite clothing brands. Coincidence? :P

PV link: here

suki strongsuki one

16. Morning Musume ’14 (Sayumi Michishige, Mizuki Fukumura, Haruna Iikubo)Koibito ni wa Zettai ni Shiraretakunai Shinjitsu

What is this crazy rock ‘n’ roll music!? It’s catchy and fun pop music! :) Here you go, enjoy this pic of Fukuchan, Sayumin and Harunan that has nothing to do with the song itself.

Song link: here

michishige iikubo fukumura

17. °C-uteThe Power

This song wasn’t love at first listen, but it quickly grew on me. Is it just me, or are the lyrics slightly intimidating? …I don’t mind, I love °C-ute. ^^

PV link: here

power soundpower chisato power tomorrow

18. Morning Musume ’14Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai

I feel like I’m repeating myself, but wow, this is one inspirational song. It literally told me I needed to put more effort into what I was doing. How did they know? My horoscope girls. ♥ (Well, it was the official cheer song for the Japan team in Winter Olympics, but anyway… ^^)

PV link: here

kimi no kawari ayumikimi no kawari sayukimi no kawari all

19. Sakura Gakuin Cooking Club MinipatiShanari Hannari Dorayaki Hime

BABYMETAL might me more famous these days, but I like it better if you swap Suzuka with Hana and add chef’s hats on their heads. ^^ No offense to Suzuka, she’s great! Minipati is simply more my cup of tea. This is a charming song with a touch of Japanese traditions.

Performance link: here (it was a pain to screencap, so I gave up…)


20. Sakura Gakuin Tennis Club Pastel Wind – Yosoijo no Smash

Aren’t they just adorable? :) The song has an old-fashioned feel to it… I love it.

Performance link: here

pastel wind smash allpastel wind smash nene

That’s it! Yeah, only Morning Musume ’14 and °C-ute from Hello! Project this year. I really wanted to include some Juice=Juice (perhaps Kaze ni Fukarete) but that would have felt like cheating. I’m curious as to what 2015 brings us, it looks promising already. ^^

PS: My favourite songs of 2013? I absolutely loved the Morning Musume singles, my favourite of the year being Ai no Gundan. There would also be more °C-ute and especially Juice=Juice compared to this year. Oh and Suimin Busoku from the lovely Sakura Gakuin home club sleepiece simply melted my heart. I discovered RYUTist in 2013, so I would’ve probably included Tetsugaku Suru no Da or Omusubi.


7 thoughts on “Idol Songs Top 20 in 2014

  1. So many great songs. If I’d gone for a top 20 and from all idol groups, not just H!P I’d have had Orange Port’s Yell in there too and a lot of the same Sakura Gakuin songs. Although I’m not that into the Cooking Club. I love Pastel Wind though. I’m looking forward to seeing which new units they come up with for this year.

    • On the Generasia article it lists a Purchasing Club and a Wrestling Club, but nothing more about them. If this is reliable information, those are new clubs, aren’t they? There’s no doubt who will lead the Wrestling club. ^^

      • Hana! Ah I can’t wait. I think it’s her and Rinon but I’m not sure if there is anyone else involved. I want to see more Ooga Saki. I guess the one thing with the graduations last year is it will give the younger members more of a chance to shine.

      • I sometimes edit that generasia wiki (I’m Magical Girl Fan on that website), and yes, those are actual Sakura Gakuin clubs. Those clubs have not debuted yet, so when they do (probably with album songs when the new album is released in March) there will be photos and more info then. The problem is, some of the members will be graduating in March so maybe those clubs will be short-lived. It’s possible new member swill replace them, though. P.S., I have a website named Sensational Idols with Sakura Gakuin featured on it. Please check it out!

      • Thank you for the info! I’m looking forward to hearing more of these clubs, they sound interesting. I checked out your website, it’s very nice and informative. I should edit my blog’s links, I think I’ll add this one. :)

  2. Yey! I love rankings :D It’s great that you included a variety of idols. I have to check Sakura Gakuin’s songs. Have you seen RYUTist live? I think with the local idols that still need to improve it’s best to see them live. No Berryz songs? That’s a surprise

    • Sakura Gakuin have plenty of good singles, check out their album songs too and the school clubs (sub-units). :)

      I haven’t seen RYUTist live, unfortunately. They went to America last year, so I think it’s possible they could go to Europe sometime! I heard their song on idol BEATS Radio and fell in love with the sound. I googled the name immediately and started watching their videos. I find them very charming somehow. :) I love their dancing as well.

      I’ve never been a big fan of Berryz, really. Neither the members nor the songs. The last Berryz songs I liked are Be Genki and Loving You Too Much, but those were three years ago.

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