Sakura Gakuin – Jump Up! ~Chiisana Yuuki~

Hello! Project fans, may I have your attention for a few minutes? Whether you follow Sakura Gakuin or not, please take a moment to watch this lovely PV to their new single  Jump up! ~Chiisana Yuuki~. It’s the short version. Aren’t they adorable? ^^ Such a pretty song too, I’m very happy with this single overall. Here’s the group promoting it:

sakura gakuin jump up

Just in case you didn’t know, Sakura Gakuin is a school themed idol group with several sub units. I have liked the group since their debut, but I only really started to follow them last year. Hello! Project is very cool and mature these days, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’m glad I have Sakura Gakuin to balance it out with simple young energy. Sometimes all I want is cute, without the sexy. :)

Uplifting, fresh and cheerful, Sakura Gakuin songs easily fill half of my personal idol songs top 100 chart. I seem to like all their songs, so I find it difficult to name favourites. Their previous single Ganbare!! was fantastic, as well as a lot of album songs. My favourite sub unit would be Go Home Club sleepiece. They have disbanded already, but the version of the single that I have preordered should come with a DVD of sleepiece’s final stage performances. ♥

As for my favourite member, it’s definitely Marina Horiuchi. Morningtime posted a lovely picspam of her here. Looks-wise, she reminds me of a younger Sayumi… yes, that pretty! Do you like the adorably awkward Airi Suzuki? Well, Marippe is endearing in a very similar way… times ten! She is lively and fun, but I love to watch her perform and hear her sing as well. She’s graduating this spring along with three other girls who I also really like… but I’m sure I’ll remain a fan of the group nevertheless. :)

The single will come out on the 12th of February 2014. If you liked the link above… either of the links! Please consider supporting Sakura Gakuin by purchasing a copy of this single. They also have a new album coming out in March.


3 thoughts on “Sakura Gakuin – Jump Up! ~Chiisana Yuuki~

  1. Sakura Gakuin are lovely. It’s nice to see a blog post enthusing about them. And yes Marina has that special quality that makes her really cute, pretty and adorable. Something very idol-like but which only very few idols possess in such quantities. <3 Nacky lookalike Hana is so pretty though. Oh and Yui and Moa are lovely (and Moa is a big fan of idols and has talked of Suzuki Airi as being a favourite of hers). And Babychan is adorable. And…ah a group full of lovely idols!

    • I still see Hana as a Haruna lookalike, more so than Nacky. Well, not exactly lookalike, but they could easily be sisters. Somehow I’m not a big fan of Moa (yet?), but that does make me like her more. :)

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