Blogs of Sayu and Other Interesting Idols

Unless you’re a relatively new visitor to Hanakotoba!, you probably know that I love to read Sayu‘s blog. And perhaps you could assume this in any case, knowing that I’m a fan of hers. I used to do blog posts based entirely on Sayu’s blog. Now she has two blogs and can’t remember the last time I mentioned either in my blog. This is not to be taken as a lack of interest though. On the contrary, I keep checking Sayu’s blog every day with loving sparkling eyes. ^^ I do have to admit though, I still mostly rely on the English translations (forever grateful to the amazing people who do them). These days, I also try to keep up with blogs of other idols I love.

Which brings me to a very good point, if I may say so myself. Idols’ blogs are such a great way to find out more about them. Besides watching them act all goofy or charming (or both), I find it enjoyable to sit down and read what my idols have on their mind. They also let you know when there are any important releases or events coming up, so if you can read Japanese, you might be one of the first to know. And even if you have one clear favourite in a group, it’s worth checking other idols’ entries as well. If they work or even spend their precious time off together, your oshi is bound to be mentioned at some point. Who knows, you might even notice the other idols grow on you!

Hmm… Let’s decorate this rambling post with a few cute pics? Here’s something from Sayu’s latest Ameblo entry, she’s showing off her 24th birthday T-shirt. I will have to wait for a translation though to understand what it says, but it seems it’s something about her being in the group for 10 years. There’s some text on the back as well.

sayu bday tshirt

Ah Sayumin’s birthday is coming up soon. Guess who wants to join her bus tour? *cries* My angel. Ah well I’ll be happy to just get this flyer too, it’s super cute. ^^ Wonder why they used pics from last year though.

sayu bdtour 1

The pic on the left hand side is here for the cool pose. The other pic makes me want to buy one of those solo angle DVDs so much. ><

sayu eye 1sayu solo angle 1

So funny! She might not be my top favourite, but Harunan does some of the best expressions ever. For further proof, click here.

sayu harunan 2sayu harunan 3

Here’s a pretty pic of the two as well. :)

sayu harunan 6

It’s not just people in Sayu’s blog though, her sister’s cat Seera is a regular visitor. And then there’s this bear…? Does the Sayuminglandoll bear know about this? Ah… so cute! ><

sayu seerasayu bear 4

Well. There are plenty of cute and hilarious pics, I’m not going to upload them all!

If you need links to some idols’ blogs, please see my links on the right hand side. The list is incomplete even considering the ones I follow; I might be adding more later. Blog!project is a great site to visit if your Japanese isn’t very good. In my blogroll, I have also removed inactive fanblogs and added some that I read currently. Please let me know if you’d like yours added. Not that my site is hugely popular though, and it hasn’t exactly been active itself as of late. ^^;

By the way, I do intend to continue my photobook related series of posts, like the Part 1 here suggests. I might even do a post that shows my favourite pieces of idol goods. Isn’t that a good idea? I know I’d like to see other bloggers do the same. All of that will have to wait until I’m reunited with my collection though… later this summer I guess.

PS: Forever supporting Airi-chan, no matter what. Team C-ute ftw! ♥


2 thoughts on “Blogs of Sayu and Other Interesting Idols

  1. I love Sayu’s cat! I was reading a translated blog post where Seeru-chan ran away and her (that is, the cat’s face) was too cute! :3 If you’re interested in more Momusu blogs, Zukki’s is good (of course, I’m very biased when it comes to Zukki :3). Recently, she’s been posting pics of herself with a ‘mysterious’ girl with a white face mask on (I’m pretty sure it’s one of the other Musume’s, but I’m not sure who haha).

    • This month, I’ve been trying to read all Momusu (and C-ute) members’ entries. I’m on my summer holidays now, I wonder if I can keep this up when I go back to work. But I’ll try my best. ^^ Zukki’s entries do seem interesting!

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