C-ute – Kanashiki Amefuri

Annnd I’m back with another review! ^^

I already did a review of C-ute‘s Adam to Eve no Dilemma. Now it’s time to take a look at the other A-side, Kanashiki Amefuri. A sad yet wonderful song, I can’t stop listening to it. Even when the YouTube vid stops (ah I want to loop this so bad ><), the songs keeps playing in my head, especially Airi‘s beautiful lines. Songs rarely move me to tears and neither does this, but it does live up to its title.

Let’s watch the PV here!

The outfits are very nice and I wouldn’t mind wearing them to work myself. Then again, I work in an office, not for UFP as an idol. They aren’t exactly memorable, are they. Anyway, I give a big plus for the simple fact that there are four (yes, four!) different sets of outfits in this PV. That’s pretty impressive.

The setting is a stylish photo studio…

kanashiki couch

…and the solo shots remind me of old photos, the hues and all. Surely you thought the same as well? I’m the type of person who loves looking at old photos, so I certainly don’t mind. The atmosphere in this PV is captivating and the video is edited with care, with a lot of thought put into it. This fan is very, very pleased.

kanashiki airi 2kanashiki airi 4kanashiki airi 1

Sorry for my Airi bias but she just looks so lovely. ♥ But so does Maimi, so here you go… our ame onna in action. Why is the rain coming from one side only though? Surely they could’ve waited for some real rain? Or are they standing next to a roof? Why am I asking so many questions? Let’s wait for the making of!

kanashiki maimi 1

Here’s another shot of Maimi. Because her hair is dry here. Because… do I need a reason? Look at her! ^^

kanashiki maimi 2

I would like to point out, Nacky did the best job looking genuinely sad. Just look her in the eye… how long until you give your computer a hug? *wipes imaginary tears*

kanashiki nacky 2 kanashiki nacky 1

The dance… well. It looks slightly awkward and even clumsy at times due to high heels. It’s otherwise beautiful though. For some reason I adore this dance move (2:39 to 2:42). I first thought Airi was placing her hands on Chisa and Mai’s shoulders but no, she’s just doing some cool moves. ^^

kanashiki airi 3

I think this is a fantastic song and I absolutely cannot wait to all see the different versions that make up this amazing PV. I have already decided to preorder at least LE/C and LE/D. This way, I will certainly have both of the B-sides. I won’t listen to them until my copies arrive, that’s a habit of mine.

After publishing my review of Adam to Eve I realised, I should do the scoring on a scale from 1 to 10 instead of 1 to 5. So I edited that post a little. ^^; Mind you, I adore almost everything Hello! Project related, so even 2 or 3 would mean I quite like it.

Song: 8 / 10 (I was even considering 9 for a moment)

Dance: 7 / 10

PV: 10 / 10

Outfits: 6 / 10

CD covers: 9 / 10 (well… it’s the same as the Adam to Eve ones)


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