C-ute – Adam to Eve no Dilemma

I’m on my summer holidays and so have time for a little blog post or two or three or who knows how many, yay!

Two weeks today I will have seen C-ute live in Paris. Can’t wait! Kanashiki Amefuri and Adam to Eve no Dilemma from their new double A-side will definitely be on the setlist. Both songs are great and the PVs are top quality, I’m truly a happy fan! Now if you don’t mind, I’ll do a little review of each. In fact, I’m so happy I will do it even if you do mind. :P

First up, Adam to Eve no Dilemma. Now this is one of those songs where I can’t quite grasp the meaning of the lyrics, even with the help of an English translation. It’s a great and catchy song nevertheless and the PV makes it even better. Have you seen it already? Good. Now click here to watch it again! ^^

The background is white, yet very far from boring. In fact, I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen. The silver chains are decorated with fruit and leaves, which fits perfectly with the paradise theme. The outfits remind me of various Hello! Pro concerts. They are nice and shiny and go well with the sexy dance!

adam to eve dance 2adam to airi tummy

Not sure if I quite get the hand grip move but it’s okay, I love weird dance moves.

adam to hands

Alright, let’s take a look at Airi‘s face as well. So so so pretty! ^^ Airi is one of those idols whose face I never get tired of watching. Amazing expressions and adorable smiles one after another. Perfection.

adam to airi 3

The brown nails look pretty cool, as demonstrated by Mai here with matching hair colour. Aww Maimai… she kept squinting her eyes, perhaps trying too hard for a seductive look. Still did great though.

adam to mai 3

There’s a lot of Chisa in this. :) Her hair colour is now similar to that of Mai’s, which is a huge improvement from the blonde she had earlier this year. MTSayuRin approves. Oh and happy belated 19th birthday Chisa! ♥

adam to chisato 2

My favourite parts of the PV though, it’s the ones with the satin sheets and the red apples. I love the bright yet soft colours and the overall relaxed atmosphere to it all. Everyone looks stunning, don’t you agree? Just look at those glowing cheeks and flawless skin and perfect hair. People don’t get more beautiful than this, do they? Hmm except for Sayu… ah Sayu. I watched her Rival Survival solo angle DVD just now. Who came up with those solo angles, they are a brilliant idea! All the best moments of a concert in one DVD, and you won’t miss a second of it. All those cute smiles and cute tears, it’s… Oh. I’m sorry, I got sidetracked. Here you go, screencaps of the five gorgeous girls. Or should I say, women?

adam to airi 1 adam to maimi 2adam to saki 1adam to mai 1adam to chisato 1

Quick summary (1 = the worst I’ve seen from Hello! Project, 10 = the best):

Song: 6 / 10

Dance: 5 / 10

PV: 8 / 10

Outfits: 8 / 10

CD covers: 9 / 10

Please support C-ute and thank them for their hard work by purchasing a copy, for example on CDJapan! All the CD covers are very nice and there are no traces of lazy photoshopping, which is a pet peeve of mine. The single is set to release on the 10th of July 2013, but you can preorder it now. If your taste is anything like mine, you won’t regret it! I might review Kanashiki Amefuri later, but I better not promise anything. See you!

Official site


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