Otsukareina! A Few Words on Reina’s Graduation

I’m not feeling great today, but I can’t not blog on such an important date. Today Japanese time (the 21st of May 2013), Reina Tanaka will graduate from my beloved Morning Musume. I’m afraid this blog post will be only short but then again, so is Reina. I mean… she is short and small, yes… but with a huge personality and a great unique voice that even her haters (you crazy people!) will miss in Momusu songs. In a way or another.

When I think of Reina, the first word to come to my mind is… no, not wink… not even yankee… it’s sparkly. You know, like her lovely solo from the 7.5th album, Kirakira Fuyu no Shiny G. It was fresh when I first heard it in 2007, but I still listen it from time to time. Back then, I would play it in my head to keep me awake at work or uni on particularly sleepy days. And I would imagine the genki Reina with glitter in her hair, capturing the stage with her presence. I love that Reina. Well, I love all sorts of Reina. The serious, honest, even blunt Reina that makes me giggle so much. The fun loving Reina that laughs and claps her hands like she’s lost her mind. The pretty photobook Reina whose body is just so perfect. Reina is… Reina. Momusu will be so weird without her…

Yes… I’m getting tears in my eyes now… no don’t look at me, look at Reina! Okay so I didn’t have enough Reina pics in my Idol Pics folder to do a proper picspam, but any Reina pics are worth uploading really. Why not leave this beautiful picture from Kira★Kira here. I love that photobook. :)

kirakira reina

And of course, you can’t do without some SayuReina in my blog. ♥ Being the only remaining Platinum Era members, they have became closer recently. I swear they’d sit much closer if it wasn’t for the rubber rings. There are tons of cute blog pics around of these two making funny faces together and even hugging each other. I didn’t realise it before, but I will actually really miss SayuReina!

sayureina 4

れいな、卒業おめでとうございます!I wish you luck with your band LoVendoЯ, and everything else you wish to accomplish in your life. You’ve been a great idol. Thank you, Reina! ♥


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