Lalala no Pipipi Performance

Okay, I admit it. I simply felt like I was neglecting my blog so I made an effort to get myself back to blogging and I wrote a few lines about Juice=Juice. I’m pleased to see that some people enjoyed it nevertheless and I really am excited about the unit.

But today I’m back, because my fangirl heart is going doki doki and my fingers are typing by themselves. What has caused this? Morning Musume‘s concert tour from last Autumn, titled 15th Anniversary Concert Tour Fall 2012 ~Colorful Character~. No wait, I haven’t watched the full concert yet. I’ve only seen Aisaretai no ni, which was great, and Lalala no Pipipi, which was… sdsakhfgsfajgsafhs ♥ amazing lovely cute perfect. It made me squeal out loud so many times and afterwards I felt like sobbing for some reason.

I did calm down eventually… well, not really, but at least I was able to take a few screencaps for my readers to enjoy. Edit: as for the video, I don’t know for how long it is going to be up, but… click here.

First… two bunnies appear on stage and they bow.

bunnies bow

Who are they bowing at?

bunnies present

Do you need to ask? It’s the Queen of Bunnies Sayumi Michishige

lalala sayumin 1

…of course! ^^

lalala sayumin 2

The bunny jesters are… Rie Kaneko

bunny rie

…and Mizuki Murota. Both are Hello! Pro trainees. Both did well!

bunny mizuki

Where there are bunnies, there is hopping! (Yep, this one gets funny dance points from me!)

lalala hopping

Sayu’s dress is lovely.

lalala dress

Sayu is lovely.

lalala sayumin 7

lalala sayumin 5

Her expressions are pure gold as always and no screencap makes justice to the quick movements she makes.

lalala sayumin 6

Sleepy. ♥

lalala sleep

There are plenty of cute and hilarious moments in this performance. One of my favourites is where Sayu “brags about her boyfriend” to Rie and Mizuki. Just look at all of their faces. Priceless! :D

lalala whisperlalala whisper 2

Many of my favourite moments are near impossible to screencap. This performance is fantastic from start to end, and it’s SO SAYU with all the funny bunny cuteness and seriously, it’s like Sayu’s daydream come (almost) true, to have two little bunnies worship her. Well I’m sure Rie and Mizuki do look up to her. Who in their right mind wouldn’t?

lalala ending

PS: I love this pin up of mine even more now. (Sorry, it seems my camera lens likes Sayu’s tummy. I don’t blame it.)

lalala no pin up


4 thoughts on “Lalala no Pipipi Performance

  1. SAYU IS SO ADORABLE IN THIS PERFORMANCE! i wanted to hug all of them ;__; why did youtube have to destroy this cutenesssss whyyyyy!

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