C-ute Little Blog Post

It’s been months again since my last post. Why is that, I wonder? It’s not like I have nothing to say to fellow idol fans. As you must have heard, our sweet Manochan has just graduated. *sobs* What’s more, I received Sayu‘s new photobook this week. *drools* *admires* Oh and Hello! Project is wonderful. Well, that is no news. ^^

It’s just I’ve got into the habit of thinking that anything longer than a tweet is too much effort. But I’m feeling better as of late, and… I think I can do it! Write a cute little blog post! Hopefully it will meet another cute little blog post and make lots of cute little babies for you to read. Ahem. I mean… despite all my failed efforts, I do wish to make this a habit. Because I love my Hanakotoba! *makes a heart shape with her hands*

So… yeah. C-ute. For the past three years or so, I have adored this group. And it took me this long to decide, my C-ute oshi is… *drumroll* this girl!

group airi

Yep, it’s Airi!

What took me so long, you ask? Well it’s not my fault that all five of them are so likeable! Such lovely girls all of them, I think it’s fine to love and support them equally. Together they make up the perfect idol group. However, looking back, it’s always been Airi who stands out to me the most. But more or less consciously, I kept telling myself, I must pick someone else. I can’t really explain why. Because she is… too popular and already… taken? (Whatever that means.) Because she is in two active groups and a million releases and I can’t possibly keep up with everything she does? (But that is silly.)

A few words about Airi? Alright. I’m not your best source when it comes to Airi knowledge, but from what I’ve seen, I can’t understand how someone can NOT love her. She’s awkwardly cute and effortlessly hilarious. And at the same time, she’s a gorgeous young woman and so talented, she could give away chunks of her talent to other less fortunate idols and still remain one of the best. Yet she thinks she is nothing special. Oh Airi. ♥

airi me

Yes Airi, you! I picked you! (What a cute smile. So contagious.)

PS: I already had an Airi tag, I mentioned her in this post almost two years ago. And yes, Momoiro Sparkling did grow on me. It’s one of my favourite singles now!


One thought on “C-ute Little Blog Post

  1. Airi is lovely! I prefer her a lot to Maimi and Chisato. I used to think she was overrated…I don’t know how I could have been so wrong! <3 As you said, she just seems so lovely and I don't understand why anyone would dislike her =o

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