Hello! Project Songs Top 20 in 2012

It took a while, but I’m back with my yearly Hello! Project song ranking. There were almost no song reviews in my blog this year, but there is some babble about them and a few sensible opinions (if you’re lucky) at the end of the post. Short version? Go through the song list and admire the screencaps.

mano banzai 1

Erina Mano – Banzai! Jinsei wa Meccha Wonderful

♥ My top 20 Hello! Project songs in 2012

01. Erina Mano – Banzai! Jinsei wa Meccha Wonderful
02. Morning Musume – One Two Three
03. Morning Musume – Wakuteka Take a Chance
04. Erina Mano – Song for the Date
05. C-ute – Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku

06. Morning Musume / Sayumi Michishige – Lalala no Pipipi
07. Erina Mano – Glory Days
08. Morning Musume / 9th gen – Aisaretai na no ni
09. Erina Mano – Kaze no Bara Aruite Chizu wo Tsukatta Otoko no Uta
10. C-ute / Mai Hagiwara – Yuke! Genkikun

11. Erina Mano – Tasogare Kousaten (I rank both versions together)
12. Morning Musume / 10th gen – Seishun Domannaka
13. Morning Musume – Pyokopyoko Ultra
14. Erina Mano – Junjou Keisatsu KISS
15. C-ute / Saki Nakajima – Kagayake! Houkago

16. Peaberry – Cabbage Hakusho
17. Erina Mano – NEXT MY SELF
18. C-ute – Zuntaka March Hitorashiku Ikiyou
19. Berryz Koubou – Loving You Too Much
20. Erina Mano – Doki Doki Baby


C-ute / Mai Hagiwara – Yuke! Genkikun

Also a special mention for the following song:

Berikyuu – Chou Happy Song

When you listen to it, the song isn’t that amazing. It’s nice, but not amazing. But when I remember how it was done (Tsunku you are a genius!) and how cute the PV is (oh my heart ♥), I can’t not mention it here! However, I feel like cheating if I rank it above Doki Doki Baby… hence the special mention. ^^

chou happy airi

Berikyuu – Chou Happy Song

But yeah, so many great songs were left out, I feel bad for them. I can honestly say I loved every CD release from Momusu, Manochan, and C-ute in 2012.

This year brought many changes for Morning Musume. Sayu became the leader and the sales skyrocketed! Whether these two things are related or not, that’s another discussion. But seriously. One Two Three. Doki-doki-doki. I usually only buy one or two copies of each single, but this time I just HAD to buy four. Great outfits and CD covers, not to mention the song itself and the B-sides! The only bad song from the group this year (and this decade, really) was Futsuu no Shoujo A, sung by Reina, Kuduu and Masaki. It’s not your typical Momusu song though, so please don’t take my opinion to heart if that style is your cup of tea. The highlight of the album to me is… (surprise, surprise!) Sayu’s solo Lalala no Pipipi. Too much autotune, don’t you agree? Hey ho, it’s still ichiban kawaii. ^^

one two three sayu

Morning Musume – One Two Three (hey it was difficult to screencap the dance!)

Momusu rules, but so does Erina Mano. Did you give More Friends Over a listen? I’m afraid that not many Hello! Pro fans did, but I adore the album. My number one Hello! Pro song this year is Banzai! Jinsei wa Meccha Wonderful, an upbeat song with lyrics that really cheer me up. A perfect idol song, if you ask me! I recommend watching the performance from her own concert tour, it has more energy to it than the Hello! Pro summer concert one. A very cute addition to the album are MC parts where Erina is challenged to imitate a cat or a helicopter, to name a few. Random bits like that between the songs are always fun. ^^ My favourite Mano single this year is Song for the DATE. The song itself is great but the PV is just… wow. No screencap does it justice, there is so much to it!

song for the date

Erina Mano – Song for the DATE

Next up, C-ute. A lovely song and an exciting release with all the different PV versions, Kimi wa Jitensha Long Title Kimi Chari is easily one of my favourite singles this year. Aitai X3 Na is… you know, I like writing Aitai X3 instead of repeating the word three times, because the X3 looks like a cute emoticon! …It’s a nice song as well, even if I liked one of the B-sides better, Saikou Music. Oh and the album, now that’s saikou music! Can’t go wrong with a cute cafe themed cover and the previously less promoted girls getting a solo song each (I love them all ♥ and the songs as well). They also recorded a cover album of their early singles, which makes it two good albums from C-ute this year. C-ute saikou! …ne?

cute kimi chari group lip

C-ute – Kimi wa Jitesha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku

Should I feel bad for the lack of Berryz Koubou in my ranking? Early this year, I thought Be Genki Naseba Naru will definitely earn a top position. I still like it, especially for the mayo line. XD But in the end, only Loving You too Much was worthy of my top 20. It’s just too cute. *blushes* ^^ But I’m not that big a Berryz fan in the end. Yurushite nyan! :P

As for S/mileage… umm… Ayacho representing S/mileage as a member of Peaberry? XD *runs away and hides* There were a couple of okay-ish and even nice songs, but it’s hard to enjoy anything when you don’t care about most of the members (I still like Kanyon and especially Ayacho though). Peaberry with the charming Cabbage Hakusho was my favourite Satoyama unit. Such a soothing and sweet song.

cabbage sitting

Peaberry – Cabbage Hakusho

Ah… you know. I could have made this post ten times longer. I didn’t mention half the songs I wanted! And I could talk for an eternity about Sayu whose lovely vocals got attacked by excessive autotune. Or Manochan who keeps releasing the most perfect songs one after another… and hopefully, will never stop. I can’t stop loving Hello! Project, and it only gets better each year. Let’s continue the discussion in the comments, everyone! ^^

next my self

Erina Mano – NEXT MY SELF

PS: For the best fanmade parodies of the year, check out MM Conbini and Catch Ai… at your own risk. XD


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