Sayu Has a New Blog (And I Have Plans for Mine)

Dear blog, long time no see. Oh and hello, my faithful readers. Thank you for always coming back! And hello to new visitors as well. Please enjoy your stay and comment anytime you feel like it. :)

Oh I have news to share with you guys. It happened three days ago but I guess I can still call it news? Great news for that matter. Sayumin has opened a new blog on Ameba! She will still continue her old blog, so I’m not sure if I entirely understand the point. Not that I’m complaining though! This means double the fun.

And of course, yet another source of photos that make me go gjsdhaksdhkajhdkasjhsgagk. ♥


Oh my bunny. Why always so cute. ♥ I want need some concert merch with her in this costume. Especially the mini towel! I like both but I think I prefer the bunny Sayu over the mobile phone Sayu. Yes the plastic cups on their heads are supposed to be antennas. No I didn’t get it either before I read about it. >< All the other musume dressed as animals too. Everyone is super cute. ^^

But yeah, two blogs. Isn’t she amazing? I have a hard time keeping this one up. ><

Which brings to me the other piece of news I have. I’ve been incredibly busy the past year, but now I feel like I have more time to relax, which means more time to fangirl… and more time to blog! :)

I encourage everyone to check out the blogs if you haven’t yet:

Sayu’s GREE blog (the old one)
Sayu’s Ameba blog (the new one)

Blog!project English translations to both blogs (big thanks to the translator)


3 thoughts on “Sayu Has a New Blog (And I Have Plans for Mine)

    • Oh actually I meant I keeping up my own blog! But yes Sayu blogs a lot and sometimes I miss entries and then go back to read them. I’m sure I haven’t read every single one.

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