Manochan to Graduate from Hello! Project in February 2013

It has been announced that Erina Mano, the charming soloist of Hello! Project and one of my favourite idols ever, will graduate from Hello! Project on the 23rd of February 2013.

Click here for the official announcement (translated by Takamaruyo here) and here for Manochan’s own blog entry. I’m sure many idols have mentioned the news in their own blogs, but since I only read Sayu’s blog regularly… here you go: Sayu’s blog entry and a translation by blog!project.

Oh Manochan. :(

I’m a huge fan, so this came as a shock to me.

But have you heard the good news? Manochan wants to continue singing and acting! And if I got it right, she is graduating simply because she wants to challenge herself more and see what she can do outside of UFA management. She is just an ambitious girl. :) I’m so so so relieved about this, especially the singing part, I can’t put it into words. I was working when I heard the first words from 2ch through Twitter, and I lost my ability to concentrate altogether until I heard that she won’t disappear for good. We don’t know the intensity of her future career yet, but what we have now is hope. Erina’s singles and albums and concerts are something that I always look forward to with great excitement. What’s more, she is also the main reason why I keep buying not only Momusu concert DVDs and Manochan’s solo ones but also Hello! Project ones.

Despite feeling down about the announcement, I’m absolutely made up that Manochan isn’t leaving us entirely. I will support her forever! ♥

So, it seems that this is a good thing for Erina. We should be happy for her. But, you know. I can’t help but feel extremely sad. Hello! Project will feel so empty without her. Without a soloist. Without that contagious smile and amazing stage presence. Sure, there are other lovely idols too, and my oshi bunny is still keeping me a super happy mowota, but you have to admit, there is no other idol quite like Erina Mano.

As Sayumin said, there is still time until the graduation, and I for one am going to spend that time fangirling over Manochan instead of crying! I recommend you do the same! Unless you’re a guy, in that case fanboying will do.

To finish my post, a picture from the ongoing Hello! Pro summer concert. I’m sure many of you have already seen this though. What do you guys think about the new hairstyle? There are more pics in Manochan’s blog. I think it’s a cute fresh look! And… that is one gorgeous dress.

Still feeling down? Look at this old pic I found… it’s so cute and so bright, I’m smiling right now. :) I must start saving pics on my new laptop so I can do more picspam posts in the future.





6 thoughts on “Manochan to Graduate from Hello! Project in February 2013

  1. I really hope we see a lot more of Mano in the future. I’ve loved her albums, singles and her overall presence in Hello! Project. Hello! Project will continue strong as it has so many great members. Having said that Mano is one of the best and I will miss her being there. Hopefully she will find another company and continue her singing and acting careers. I want lots more Mano albums!

  2. I think acting would be a great career move because she could be in one of those shows where they have montages and places where lots of songs play :D I can’t explain it well but, a normal J-drama has a lot of nice songs. She could sing the opening or something.

  3. It’s so sad when a favourite is leaving. :( But I think you’re looking at it in a nice, positive way. It’s good to hear she isn’t abandoning music. I actually really enjoyed her most recent album and her single ‘Song for the Date’ and I don’t usually enjoy Mano. Here’s hoping she’ll keep improving and keep in the spotlight. ^_^

    • I’m glad to hear you liked her recent releases. Maybe others have similar feelings too, I hope her popularity will continue to grow, even after her graduation.

  4. Despite me not listening to one of her songs or being a fan, this is quite sad. She was the only solo artist and seemed to be doing well.

    I wonder what H!P will do now though. Whether they will include more solo artists and groups, I see a new era of H!P coming now…

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