Heroines of My Weekend (Momoiro Clover Z at Japan Expo 2012)

I rarely blog about anything outside of Hello! Project, but this time I have a good reason to do so. In my previous blog entry, I only gave you a little hint about it. Seeing the idol goup Momoiro Clover Z was the highlight of my Japan Expo trip to Paris this summer and I can now proudly say, I am their fan. I still love H!P more, but there is always room in my heart for more idols (not sure about my wallet though ><). And so I want to say a few words about this weekend in early July and the five heroines* that made it so much fun!

I’ve always known of the group and I’ve watched a few PVs from time to time, but as soon as I heard that they were going to attend the convention where I was planning to go anyway, I began to learn more about them. And soon I found that I was super excited at the thought of seeing Reni, Kanako, ShioriAyaka and Momoka live. Even now I don’t know them very well, but right from the start I’ve felt that Momoka is my favourite, with the rest sharing a close second place. The impression I have of the girls is that they are sweet and cute, but somehow they remind me of… superheroes? The songs are catchy and perfect for idol concerts. The girls perform with amazing energy and have great coreography. What’s there not to like! :)

In a nutshell, it was four little events during two days (Thursday and Friday, so not exactly a weekend, but the expo lasted until Sunday). Two mini concerts, a signing session, and a Sailor Moon surprise cosplay event. Dear readers, I promise I won’t make this a habit, but if you do wish to read a more detailed description about the events… I spent the entire weekend with Morningtime, so repeating everything he already wrote… now that would be silly (refer to the blog entry titled Japan Expo 2012 – Momoiro Clover Z). However, let me add a few things that meant a lot to me personally:

  • The first event (Thursday afternoon mini concert) had a fun start (described in the link I gave above) and the girls performed Wani to Shampoo, which is definitely one of my favourite MomoClo songs. I wasn’t in a dream like state as I was when I first saw Momusu, but more like yay it’s them omg this is so much fun already!
  • During the performance of Kono Uta (Thursday evening mini concert), Momoka spent quite a while in the spot on stage where I had the best view to. I was close to the stage and that moment felt somehow magical. As if she was singing just for me. Yes, it sounds incredibly silly, but chances are, you might get what I mean.
  • Special thanks to all the amazing wota there, many of whom I believe came all the way from Japan. I wish I had brought a glowstick too, but I used my arms instead and joined in the chants whenever I could. Idol concerts have the best crowd of all!
  • Unrelated to MomoClo Z, but I was happy to support Sayu with my T-shirts, which I’m sure were recognised by many expo visitors (I was even approached by some).

After the signing session, the girls stepped down from the stage to pose for photos, and I managed to take a few short vids of fun and touching moments. Here’s a screengrab of Momoka waving in my direction and another one of Reni and Shiori (Reni lifted Shiori on her back from this position).

What might have sucked (but thinking back, it didn’t):

  • There was only one signing session and we missed the signing lottery queue altogether. *sobs* Not being able to try my luck was a huge disappointment. I would have loved to meet the girls and talk to them. This time, I would have been less nervous than with Momusu back in 2010, and I could have actually said something meaningful and not just stare at them stupidly starstruck. But looking at the happily smiling (and even crying) faces of fans showing off their freshly signed merchandise was so touching and brought back lovely memories from 2010.
  • The lack of MomoClo Z (and H!P and even jpop…) merchandise for sale. I only bought one overpriced MomoClo Z book (and from Momusu, Onna to Otoko no Lullaby game single V). I ordered their 2011 Christmas concert DVD for 60 euros from CDJapan as soon as I got home. It was over 100 euros at the expo. I would have loved an overpriced photo or a keyring though, but there were none. Someone somewhere really didn’t think this through, don’t you agree? But the little book with concert pictures and basic information on MomoClo Z is now my precious souvenir from Paris.
  • The weather. If you haven’t figured out the transport beforehand, make sure you at least have an umbrella with you. >< Or lovely company. That I had. :)
  • iPhone camera… is better than nothing, I guess (and I was able to enjoy the events more without a camera in my hand)…

…which reminds me, I should give you guys a better photo of the group. After seeing them live, I can say with confidence that this picture isn’t photoshopped. These five have amazing energy beaming out of their cute beings and so are well worth fangirling and fanboying for. Oh, and Sayu likes them too and goes to their concerts. Do check them out if you haven’t yet!

Clockwise from top: Ayaka Sasaki, Momoka Ariyasu, Shiori Tamai, Kanako Momota (leader), Reni Takagi.

*The girls call themselves shuumatsu heroin, the weekend heroins.


4 thoughts on “Heroines of My Weekend (Momoiro Clover Z at Japan Expo 2012)

  1. Ah I agree with everything you have said. For me I think the musical highlights were seeing them perform Moretsu Uchu Kokyokyoku Dai 7 Gakusho – Mugen no Ai, Roudou Sanka (complete with blazers XD) and Otome Sensou. Otome Sensou had only been released a week and a bit earlier and was at number 3 in the weekly Oricon singles chart. It was great to see it while it’s in the charts. I wonder if that makes sense? xD Oh also it’s a good song. :p

    • Yes, from the musical point of view, those three songs were my favourite moments! :) What I mentioned in this post stood out to me in other ways (the start of the concert and a clear view to the stage). But now I feel like I could have mentioned so many things. The concerts were so enjoyable from start to end. Otome Sensou is great! I still haven’t bought it though. I wonder if I should just wait for the next album and buy it.

      • Yeah it really is a pity. I love listening to MomoClo but I can’t spend a lot of money on their releases. I mean I’d rather spend it on Momusu releases. With Momusu I’m a collector too so I want to have the physical releases. But when it comes to MomoClo I’m more of a casual fan. Just having the songs on my iTunes would be fine.

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