A Quick Birthday Post for Sayumin

Everyone, it’s July now! And one of the most important events for me every July is Sayumi‘s birthday on the 13th.

It’s a day that I want to celebrate by wearing pink, writing a cute blog post, eating some yummy cake, and doing the usachan peace. Not necessarily simultaneously though.

But… it’s the 13th of July in Japan now, Sayumin has just become 23, and this week I am a little ill and so busy, I haven’t had enough sleep. My home is a mess and my life is a mess and I haven’t even washed my Sayu T-shirts after wearing them at Japan Expo last weekend. D:

If you came here for a cute picspam and some fangirling, I have the pleasure to direct you towards Morningtime’s blog entry Happy 23rd Birthday 道重さゆみ. It’s really sweet. And so is she. And so is he. ♥ While you’re there, do read the post on MomoClo Z at Japan Expo as well if you haven’t yet. I might add a few words soon but Morningtime said basically everything that I wanted to. :)

さゆみん!お誕生日おめでとうございます!大好き!Happy Birthday Sayumin! ♥



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