Congrats to New Leader!

My favourite idol of all time, Sayumi Michishige, is now the leader of Morning Musume! Congratulations! ♥

Sayu mentioned her new leadership in her blog post here (English translation here) (the point of the entry was, of course, the graduations). I’m super excited for Sayu and I’m sure she’ll be a great leader. She is excellent at speaking, very hard working and the kouhai worship have loads of respect for her. What more do you want from a leader of an idol group? Amazing beauty? Well, she has that too! ^^

And she will have Reina to help her. From now on, it will be just Sayu and Reina and… eight teenage girls. As if that wasn’t enough, auditions for the 11th generation have now been announced. >< (Way too early for me personally. I don’t even like the jyuukies yet.) The two rokkies will surely stand out in the group. I can’t help but wonder, what happens to them now. Will they be needed more than ever, to take care of their kouhai? I could imagine UFA not wanting to let them go just yet, to keep the rokkies’ fanbase around. On the other hand, maybe the 22-year-olds stand out a little too much and, instead of sitting here blogging, I should start thinking of ways to save money for Sayu’s graduation goods. Sayu is the leader now, does that mean she is safe until next year? Not necessarily, and neither is Reina. *tries to look brave but is in fact holding tears*

Speaking of Reina, she has just released a new photobook (it was about time!) and you can watch a digest of the making of DVD here. I ordered my copy of the photobook here. ^^

Now if you guys don’t mind (and if you do, you’re clearly reading the wrong blog :P), I’ll post a selection of recent photos featuring Sayu.

Say what you want about these outfits, but I KNOW you all want a hug from this chick.

I wasn’t too keen on Renai Hunter at first but now I think it’s pretty good. (The gamer geek in me loves it. Space Invaders! ♥ Yeah I’m that old.)

Sayumin is still my hairstyle inspiration. It’s gonna take a while though, considering I have Eripon hair. And a pair of clumsy hands, so probably forever. >< Anyway… I love her braids.

These pics are adorable, aren’t they! I have been paying more attention to Fukuchan lately. She admires Sayu and she is such a sweet girl, how could I not be a fan of hers too? When she gets gifts from her fans, she writes names on them so she could remember who gave which, how sweet is that! The text on the left hand side photo says, suki da na kimi ga. Which is also the title to their duet song. Can’t stop watching the performance from the Ultra Smart concert tour!

Can you recognise the T-shirt Sayu is wearing?

Yep, it’s the one from the Sayusa/Cinnamoroll goods! I already got myself the T-shirt and the large towel and one of the photo sets (they are on their way from Japan to me), but… look, a Sayusa plushie doll! WANT! ♥ Too bad they are only available as a prize in crane games (where you have to pick up the toy with a crane). I’m sure I couldn’t get one even if I lived in Tokyo. >< Sayu was so happy about this cooperation with Sanrio, I love how much it’s been featured in her blog. It’s fun to wear a shirt that you’ve seen an idol wear countless of times before. Other Momusu girls have worn it too, at least Mizuki and Riho. You can still order the goods from U/F Online. They now have super cute iPhone cases as well, do check them out!

Sayuri from Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen. I just love the expression. It was a fun series, too. And pretty stupid. But fun.

I love how Sayu keeps her nails short, just like I do. I can’t stand long nails, to put it nicely. As expected from Sayu, the expert in all things cute. ^^

One more from Ultra Smart. Just because.

The cuteness and awesomeness could go on forever, but… Thank you for your attention, everyone. Please support the new Morning Musume with Sayumi as the leader! The group is changing fast these days, but let’s try and give the new generations a chance to win our hearts, ね?

PS: How do you like the new design? I’m not sure what I am going to do with the background as it’s too size-specific.


5 thoughts on “Congrats to New Leader!

  1. Sayu will be a great leader. ^^ I can just imagine all the younger members rushing around filling her bath for her and doing her hair. XD

    Great background pic. Pity the size is a bit off. ><

  2. Love the new layout (Shige is hawt)!! And I’m excited for her lead too. You can really tell she adores the younger ones but that Dark Sayu will keep them in check.

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