Aika (and Gaki) to Graduate from Morning Musume

Hi… Long time no see! I’m back to blogging (yay?) due to the sudden news that came earlier this week. As most of my readers should know by now, Aika Mitsui will graduate from Morning Musume on the 18th of May 2012 during their Ultra Smart concert tour, sharing the graduation day with fellow Momusu member, leader of the group Risa Niigaki.

Dear Gaki wota, don’t get mad at me because of the title. Of course, it’s a big thing that Risa is graduating. But it’s Aika’s graduation that made me log into WordPress, not hers. Now I’m no Gaki hater, but I would lie if I said I’m upset to see her go. It’s something I had been expecting anyway. I didn’t really notice her while she was in the group, so it’s not like I have a lot to say to her now. I can only wish her luck in her post Momusu career, and hope that she finds something that she loves as much as she loves Momusu. That’s what I like about you Gaki, your enthusiasm. Thank you for your dedication!

But Aika… You know, I dedicated a blog post to her last September. In that post, I said I might like Aika more than all of the 9th gen. Well I don’t anymore, but that’s just because the kyuukies have proved themselves to be pretty amazing. But Aika… I’m not a huge fan, but she does have a special place in my heart. She joined Momusu at the same time when I became a fan and I just can’t imagine the group without her now.

Besides that, I’m upset because the graduation is…

…too sudden. Of course, everyone knew about Aika’s legs. It didn’t come as a shock that a doctor would recommend her stop dance training. But who knew she’d graduate in TWO WEEKS time from the announcement? No time to prepare at all. Can you even get concert tickets anymore? I feel sorry especially for the overseas Aika wota who would have attended her graduation concert, if only there was enough time. Also she won’t get any graduation goods, will she? Not to mention a bus tour. *sigh*

…with Gaki. Because we all know, it will be Gaki (and Aika’s) graduation. It’s not really fair, is it.

…not her own decision. I mean she wants to continue as a member of Momusu, her legs apparently don’t. That sucks. Poor health sucks. :(

I’m happy to have had met Aika before she graduated, in Paris in 2010. My best memory of her from that time is, when at the concert we started to sing happy birthday to Sayu. And she was the first to notice our little surprise and make the other group members aware of it. I can never forget how happily she waved at me at the signing, either. Aika is such a considerate girl, and a good idol. I hope she will find something interesting to do within H!P and not disappear from us. Keep on smiling, Aika! ^^

You can read more about Aika’s graduation in English on other sites. I’ll just give you a link to Aika’s own blog post about the graduation.


4 thoughts on “Aika (and Gaki) to Graduate from Morning Musume

  1. Awww I love those pictures! It seems whether people noticed her/liked her or not, the suddeness of the announcement really upset people. I’m in the same boat as you, not really a huge fan, but enough of one that I am sorry she is going. I think I’m more sorry because she doesn’t seem to want to leave, you know? She HAS to leave for her health. That has got to be painful for her, especially when she tries so hard. <3 So cool you got to meet her! She sounds like a sweetheart. And WELCOME BACK!!! XD

    • Thank you. :D Yeah you don’t have to be a huge fan of Aika to be unhappy about this. I know several people who actually dislike Aika and don’t mind her graduating, but who would agree with most of what you and I wrote.

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