CD Releases and Birthday Wishes

Hello! ^^

No worries, I haven’t gone anywhere and neither has my love of idols. I got a new job in November and, as much as I’d love to spend my evenings and weekends blogging, I simply don’t have the energy. Now that I have started writing this, it’s actually fun and not tiring. But… I don’t know. Most evenings I’d rather just stare at the walls and then fall asleep. >< So I better not make any promises for future posts.

Looking back at my posts, it seems as if I only care about idols every few weeks. But if you follow me on Twitter or know me elsewhere, you know this isn’t the case. I watch and listen to H!P daily, I make new purchases weekly, and I try to keep up with the news as much as I can. When busy and tired, my idols help me stay genki!

There is so much I could have blogged about, from Sayu’s cooperation with Sanrio (cute, as expected!) to Dawa/Maimai/Chinami and many others slowly starting to win my heart. But I’ll just do a quick review on new and upcoming single and album releases.

On the 22nd of February, Erina Mano released a very nice double A-side called Doki Doki Baby / Tasogare Kousaten. What I’d like to point out is, the covers are super imaginative with a painting like look to them. I love my poster that came with the single as well. Oh and I cannot wait for my copy of her upcoming album More Friends Over (release date 28th of March). Do click here for a digest preview. If your tastes are anything like mine, you won’t be able to resist preordering the album (be it regular or limited). Manochan is fantastic! Doki doki. ♥

As for °C-ute, Dai Nana Sho Utsukushikutte Gomenne (release date 8th of February) might be my favourite album from the group so far. Nacky, Chisa, and Maimai all got a solo song each! What’s more, Maimai did a nice PV to her Ike! Genkikun! Oh and they have a new exciting single coming up on the 18th of April, titled Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku… and released in a whopping seven editions, so each member gets their own release! I like all the °C-uties almost equally so I’m super glad to see them all getting promotion like that.

With this post, Berryz Koubou get their first tag in my blog. (What an honour!) I’ve never paid much attention to the group and for the past couple of years, I’ve barely made it through a Berryz song without yawning. But their new single BE Genki (Naseba Naru) (release date 21st March) is SO GOOD. :D The song is fun (love the nai nai!) and so is the choreography. Super heroes in a city FTW! I could write a whole blog post on this single if I had the time.

Since today is Linlin‘s 21st birthday, here is a fairly recent pic of her, sporting a new hair colour, which… ah well, I love you Linlin! It’s evening in China already, I hope you have had a wonderful birthday! I wish you blogged more often though, because I really miss you. ♥


4 thoughts on “CD Releases and Birthday Wishes

  1. YAY you’re back!! I like the new Berryz too – mostly because it just really sounds like a Berryz tune. I miss Linlin too!!!!

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