Rokkies in 2003

I watched something so cute last night, I want to dedicate a little blog post to it.

In autumn of 2010, right before Eri Kamei graduated from Morning Musume, she released a photobook called Hello Hello! ~Memories~ together with fellow sixth generation members Sayumi Michishige and Reina Tanaka. I’m a huge fan of the rokkies so I bought the photobook, loved it and blogged about it. However, I had never seen the original Hello Hello! photobook or the DVD! They were released back in summer of 2003, when the rokkies had just joined. Yep, that’s the cute thing I watched, and it was about time I did! ^^

The girls are so shy in the DVD, it’s endearing. Back then, they were very inexperienced so they didn’t know what to say or how to act in front of the camera. Maybe that’s why there isn’t much talk. But you see them eating fruit, playing games, swimming in the pool and the ocean, riding bikes, and having fun with fireworks. And being SO ADORABLE. ♥

What surprised me though was, you can hear the cameramen and assistants speaking to the girls, and at some point they are even shown on the video. Was this normal back then? I haven’t watched almost any H!P DVDs from before 2007 so I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s sort of a DVD combined with photobook making of.

Ah but enough of me talking! Dear readers of my blog, what do you see when you look outside of your window? Maybe like me, you see a snowy garden… but you’d rather stay inside because it’s so cold? Or a maybe you see a boring street that will take you to work or school tomorrow morning? Let this picspam take you on a sunny holiday instead, on Ishigaki island, Okinawa… with Sayumin, Eririn, and Reinya!

(I watched a subtitled version by Hello! Fansubs, so all credit for the subtitles goes to them. Thank you!)

After watching this DVD I think I will see the Memories photobook a little differently now, because shots of this photobook are included in it and it’s the same location with a similar atmosphere to it. Only the girls have become adults and professional idols… not any less cute though. Rokkies are awesome! Definitely my favourite generation. ♥ (I miss Eri…)

PS: In the screencap with the subtitle about working in a hospital, that is actually Reina speaking. While staring at her hands. So shy…


6 thoughts on “Rokkies in 2003

  1. Oh gosh, they all look so young there!

    While I haven’t seen this DVD myself, it is odd that the staff were featured in it. I’ve seen quite a few Ayaya DVDs from the same period, and save for her asking a question to one of her staff members in her first Alo-Hello!, they’re no where to be seen.

    • Ah sorry for the late reply.

      In this DVD, when the staff asks the questions, they are not seen, only heard. But they are shown at other times. Not on purpose, just when they happened to be in front of the camera. If I remember correctly now.

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