Sayuminglandoll PB

I know. I’m so late with this. But I love the photo book so much, I can’t help but post a few words on it. So if you guys don’t mind, here is my better-late-than-never review of Sayumi Michishige‘s newest photo book, titled Sayuminglandoll and released October 27th 2011. (Yes, you can still buy it!)

The idol herself took part in the planning process, and it shows. If Sayu was a book, this would be her! Sayuminglandoll is so much her, it’s basically Sayumi Michishige in a paper form. Which can only mean amazing things (and bunnies and fishnets and flamingoes… well, you get the idea). I got the impression most fans were pleased with what they saw. And why not be! It’s something new, fun, creative! Others saw it as being a little too much. Too sexy, perhaps. Or too silly. Or too Sayu. *shrugs*

Anyway, let’s take a look at the cover.

Fun, isn’t it? I personally would have used different fonts, but everything else is great. It puts a smile on my face! :) The hairstyle is supposed to look like a bunny’s ears. Can you see it? Yeah, me neither.

Even if you don’t have a copy of your own, chances are, you have seen the previews and the reviews. So I’ll just go through it quickly and share a few of my favourite pages. There can never be too much Sayu! I apologise for the bad quality of the photos. I like my sayuPhone but it’s not exactly a camera, is it.

Fellow H!P fans, what kind of photo books do you prefer? I’d say, the ones with a good variety of styles are the best. This one… is the best of the best! First, it features Sayu as a barbie doll. My favourite of the lot is this one:

That might very well be the funniest photo book shot EVER. Just look at her face. And his. LOL I can’t breathe… ^^ Let’s move on to the next theme, which is my personal favourite… a retro Sayumin, who is… ♥ … … Huh? What? Ah. Sorry… I was distracted by the picture below.

Also… sleepy = cute. Fact.

I know. This photo book isn’t all about sleeping, but my idea of cute very much is. So here you go, my favourite pages from the Alice/bunny theme. (Why is my pinky finger sticking out like that? Haha. The pages just wouldn’t keep open so I had to hold them.)

Is this from a fairytale? Is Sayu from a fairytale?

There is something really charming about this picture that I can’t put into words. I want this on my wall!

It’s a bathroom full of pink balloons! And a flamingo, which you can see peeking from the previous page. I’m not a big fan of the colour pink (yes… I know *sigh*) but I think these pages are lovely and this shade of pink is the best there is.

Even while writing this post, I spent a good while admiring the pages. Beautiful Sayumin and creative ideas make a perfect photo book. If you can get a copy of Sayuminglandoll in your hands, you’ll get to see much more pics and even outfits I haven’t shown here. Plus, the quality will be a hundred times better. So if you like what you see here, I highly recommend you buy it… and preorder the next photo book once announced! (I hope Reina gets one soon too, it’s been literally years.)

Thanks for reading and see you soon! I’m planning to start blogging more frequently again. :)


10 thoughts on “Sayuminglandoll PB

  1. It’s a great photobook. It’s so full of Sayu’s uniqe beauty and personality. The one thing I don’t like in photobooks is when you don’t see an idol smiling. A lot of Ai-chan’s pb’s are like that. If I think of Ai-chan her smiling is one thing that comes to mind. I love her smile but you don’t see it in her pb’s. Photobook’s have tended to be too serious in their poses.For me part of what I love about idols is the happiness they bring and the happiness they themselves show. It seems a shame that their pb’s often seem to be lacking in that one area. It’s not a criticism that can be levelled at Sayuminglandoll though. It’s full of fun and is basically happiness in book form. Perfect really! :)

    • I agree! :) It’s great if a photo book is fun and happy. That’s why I like 17 Love Hello so much. There are smiles in Sayuminglandoll too, especially on the pages with the cover outfit. Lots of funny and interesting expressions as well. Every page is so interesting to look at! I don’t think I have seen all of Aichan’s photobooks but the ones I have seen, they are more beautiful than happy, even though Aichan can do both.

  2. Ahhhhh I want this!!! SO MUCH!!!! *drools*
    Seriously – she is beautiful. I love that about her photobooks – you just keep staring. It’s strange to say, I guess, but loving idols has made me much more comfortable just appreciating something beautiful, even if that something is a Shige with a bird cage on her head.

    • I know what you mean. And for me it’s like… beauty + something strange = win. I’ve always been drawn to unusual and strange things in people and art. I think anyone who loves idols, needs to have some appreciation for bird cages on idols’ heads. XD Actually, my next blog post will be related to this thought.

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