My Top 20 Favourite H!P Songs in 2011

This post is… well, what the title says! My top 20 favourite Hello! Project songs this year. I only did five last year, right? So this year I thought, Hello! Project is so good, why not make it TWENTY. :)

Maji Desu ka SKA T-shirts (a lovely photo from Ai's blog)

1. Morning Musume – Maji Desu ka SKA

I already praised this song so much here, I’m afraid I’ll appear like I’ve totally lost my mind if I continue. So I’ll just say this one thing. The song only gets better with every listen. How is that possible? I don’t know either. I think I might like this group?

2. Erina Mano – My Days For You

You can read my review of this lovely single here. I love the sound of it (and the sound of Erina), but the most beautiful thing about this song are the lyrics. I too have someone in my life who is always there for me, and I will never be able to express just how thankful I am. This song gets pretty close. Thank you Manochan!

3. Morning Musume – Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai

A funny song with a Sayu lead? Yes please! My favourite part is Sayu’s line about going to a computer school. Really it’s so awesome, my heart skips a beat every time I hear it. Fangirl bias? Maybe, but I also just really like the cute genki way they sing the song. Such a silly PV too. Sayu singing in bed with closed eyes? Eripon doing the same? Zukki growing wings after eating an apple? Yes yes yes! :)

4. Morning Musume – Suki da na Kimi ga

Lots of love, that’s your reward / Cause you’re always such a good boy / I’ll pat you on the head. (Translation from Kiwi-Musume.) Oh my. Is this song cute or what. :) I’d like this song even more if I was a man who feels fat and ugly. If you listened to It’s You believing that Sayu was singing about you, well… it’s you again. And Sayu still thinks you’re cute! Oh and Mizuki too, but… I can’t hear her? ><

Uchouten LOVE

5. S/mileage – Uchouten LOVE

My favourite single from S/mileage ever. And that is saying a lot, because I love their songs! Everything about this single is so good and so cute. The song is insanely catchy. The PV is one of the best ever, with a contrast between the school shots and the sparkly bits. Even the c/w is nice! All H!P fans should also pay attention to this. Oh Tsunku. You are my favourite S/mileage member producer. ♥

6. Erina Mano – Seishun no Serenade

A fun catchy tune with lots of chants and a great lively dance, this song is made for concerts. The PV is very nice too but really, if you haven’t watched a concert performance of this, you… well, you should. ^^

7. Erina Mano – 21 Seikiteki Renai Jijou

Help me out here, the title reminds me of some other song? Renai something? I can’t recall… so it’s probably nothing interesting. :P Jokes aside, I can HEAR half of you guys thinking out loud, where is this song from. Too loud! Quick, don’t make Manochan sad, click here and watch a lovely performance of this song. Aww… the lyrics. Staring at your screen, feeling so much in love… with your idol on YouTube? Nante romanchikku! Oh and I didn’t answer your question yet. It’s the c/w to Seishun no Serenade. And I love it.

Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tobitatsu Kara (oh Aichan... dokidoki ♥)

8. Morning Musume – Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tobitatsu Kara

No! It’s not just because I miss Ai! This is a great song with a powerful sound to it. Listening to it makes me feel strong. Oh and even though I’m normally not a huge fan of boyish style, I love this look for Aichan (or “Guy-chan” as I hear some call her). Keep up the good work Aichan! (Any news on her starting a solo career yet?)

9. Morning Musume – Kaiketsu Positive A

This song is so made for me right now. I want to… I NEED to become the positive super girl! Oh and the maybe maybe maybe and baby baby baby bits always make me smile. Dear Morning Musume! Thank you for being such an inspiration.

10. S/mileage – Shortcut

What can I say? The scissors move they do with their fingers in the dance is great. That is all. … Just joking! ^^ The song is catchy and has a youthful feel to it, what’s there not to like. Oh and I really did like the whole haircut theme.

Kiss Me Aishiteru

11. C-ute – Kiss Me Aishiteru

In my blog post here, I said this might become one of my favourite songs this year, but it looks like there were ten songs I decided I like better? In any case, this song is still awesome. I don’t think I like the PV and the outfits that much anymore though. But Nacky’s cover look is lovely, so is Airi’s (see photo above).

12. Morning Musume – Silver no Udedokei

I’m not quite sure why I like this song so much. Partly it’s because of Reina, but I’m also surprised how much I like Riho’s voice. Obviously you can hear who is the more experienced singer here, but I think the voices complement each other well. Quite a sad song though, makes me feel like… crying a bit.

13. Morning Musume – My Way ~Joshikou Hanamichi~

I like the rockish tune and the overall energy of the song. The best part of the song? Sayu shouting kibishiiiiiii! ^^

14. S/mileage – Please Miniskirt Postwoman!

Nope, I didn’t stop following S/mileage just yet! This song is made of fun bits and pieces that don’t really go together, but all of them are so good I don’t care. I still have a problem with the new members though so I only watched the PV once.

15. Erina Mano – 10 Karat no Kirameki

A sparkly song that flows nicely, I like it lots. And yep, it’s true! All the four Mano songs this year made it in my top 20. If she had released an album, half of this post would be her songs.

Zassou no Uta (Miyabi proves here that long nails and cute poses don't match)

16. Buono! – Zassou no Uta

Zassou no Uta is the kind of song that makes me feel stronger and help get through difficult times. There are never too much of those. Easily one of my Buono! favourites.

17. Morning Musume – Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatteirunda yo!

When I first heard this song, I said it’s similar to a recent Berryz single (Yo ga Akeru), but even more boring. I take my words back, it’s not boring at all! Quite the opposite, I really enjoy it and I think it makes a great pair with Kare to Isshoni Omise ga Shitai. I also like the PV, especially the parts where the girls gaze at the stars. So beautiful! And the golden outfits are gorgeous on Aichan and Sayu.

18. Morning Musume – OK YEAH

One more Momusu album song! This makes a good song to listen to first thing in the morning. Fills me with energy and optimism to face the day. Which is actually one of my top reasons to be a Momusu fan. :)

19. C-ute – Momoiro Sparkling

I blogged about the song here. I must say it grew a lot on me since the release. Or maybe I simply got over the sudden change in style? Momoiro Sparkling is such a cute song, I can’t resist it even if I try. CHU CHU! ♥

20. C-ute – Iza, Susume! Steady Go!

I feel sorry for all the nice songs that didn’t get this last chance to appear in my blog. Especially the 21st one. I don’t even want to tell you guys its title… it didn’t end well between the two of us. But on the 20th place, an energetic album song from C-ute. All of the album was good though.

Whew. That’s it! My top twenty.

Overall it was an exceptionally good year for H!P single and album releases. My favourite group Morning Musume started the year with their best single ever, continued with a decent song and finished with an epic double (triple?) A-side for Aichan’s graduation. C-ute didn’t disappoint me either, even though the sudden transition from sexy to cute was a little surprising. S/mileage went through a lot of changes this year but the quality of songs didn’t go anywhere. Berryz Kobo on the other hand… well, I’m not really a fan of them in the first place and I only listened to the single A-sides so let’s leave it at that. Buono! had some nice singles but their album was a disappointment. However, my only real complaint regarding this year’s releases is, there was not enough Manochan. Only two singles and no album at all… But with Erina Mano, quality always makes up for quantity. I also loved seeing all of H!P work together in Mobekimasu. I thought there wasn’t enough of my favourite soloist in the Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku PV, so let me upload this:

Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku (presented here by the beautiful "Ma")

So… Thank you H!P and UFA for 2011! Please use my money wisely next year. ><

PS: Those who have been waiting for pics of Sayuminglandoll. I know I promised (on Twitter) so I’m really sorry I’m taking so long! I wrote this mostly on my phone whenever I had a free moment. I need more time to take pics of the PB. I mean it’s a crime to do it without stopping to admire each page as if your life depends on remembering each amazing detail…


7 thoughts on “My Top 20 Favourite H!P Songs in 2011

  1. Great Choices Nee-chan!

    My favourites are:
    Yamete yo Sinbad
    Motto Aishite hoshii no
    Seishun Serenade
    Ai no Dangan


  2. I can’t comment on the Mano stuff, but I loved almost all the Momusu stuff this year too. The double-a side with Ai’s solo was a fantastic single. And you are so right about Sukida! I can see Shige (and Mizuki for that matter) being the kind of girlfriend who decides you’re cute no matter what others say. It’s such a catchy song too. I hope Shige keeps going like this. It’s like Tsunku finally knows exactly how to use her voice.

    • Sorry for the late reply. I love when Sayu gets songs that fit her voice perfectly. This really is one of those! :) I hope… her solo career will start like this. (Yeah… I know.)

  3. I have a bad habit of never bothering to look up the lyrics to these songs, but I’m glad you brought up Suki da na Kimi ga; it’s really cute!

    And you’re absolutely right about there being an auspicious lack of Mano in the Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku PV, it was one of the first things that hit me after watching it.

    • I tend to read the translations to most songs. I do understand quite a lot myself too but I also think of this as a way to learn new words in Japanese. Even if it’s just pop song vocabulary.

      It really was too much just Mobekisu…

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