Happy Birthday Hanakotoba!

I post two days in a row and then… nothing? For over a month? Yeah… I don’t really know what happened. But I do have a few excuses. The most important being, I’ve been waiting for my copy of Sayumin’s new PB Sayuminglandoll to arrive, so I could blog about it! Oh, all right. The real reason is, I’ve been tired and lazy and busy and all the usual real reasons. But today I’m back, because…

On November 16th 2010, I wrote my first ever blog post! That means, Hanakotoba! is one year as of today! Yay! Thank you everyone! *Gives a virtual slice of yummy strawberry cake to each reader*

During my first year, I have published 42 posts. It’s not a huge amount, but I’m proud of it. Writing an idol fanblog hasn’t been easy for me, because I’m not the kind of person to have strong opinions. Even less so, to express them. I don’t love everything but I rarely dislike anything. Especially when it comes to my beloved idols, I’m very easy to please. So I thought, maybe if I start a blog, I will become more of a critic? As you can see, there wasn’t much progress. I still ended up praise spamming. It’s not entirely a bad thing though, is it? I mean even my personal favourites amongst my posts are the ones that came from my heart, like my posts dedicated to Sayumin or Manochan, or the whole of Hello! Project. I also like the slightly silly ones (for example, my AiSayu Picspam) and the super excited ones (like my First Official H!P Photo Order). And definitely the sweet ones, such as my Japan Expo 2010 memories post. I’m not that pleased with my review posts, because quite often I just felt like, I should post something nice to help boost the sales. Silly, I know. It’s not like I said I loved a single if I actually hated it, but… maybe you get what I mean. My Maji Desu ka SKA review is definitely an exception… I just had to write down how amazing it is. (By the way, I’m a huge fan of the latest single as well, all three songs, even though I didn’t blog about them.) And I’ve gone back several times to read my review on Junjun and Linlin Graduation Memorial DVD, simply beacause I miss them!

What’s more, my blog visitor counter has reached 10,000 hits! I never expected more than a handful of people to read my blog, but I know for sure that several people read it regularly, and probably much more occasionally. I have to say, it is nice to know I have audience. The person I most want to thank here is Morningtime-chan, because his blog is the top refererrer with 297 views as I write this! The second biggest refererrer is another popular blog, Itsumo Genki from Isilie with 192 views. Both of them have also commented on my blog lots, but they got recently beaten by Nights4Saturn (click here for blog) and Mayachan (here‘s her blog) as the top commentators. Thanks for your comments everyone, whether it’s here or on Twitter or in private. It doesn’t matter where, I appreciate it all. ♥ (I think most English speaking H!P fans have a Hello! Online account, feel feel to PM me there or tweet me if you don’t want to leave a blog comment.)

Aww thank you Sayu! I love your blog too! No actually that’s not real. It’s made by lovely Arauca (click to read blog). ^^ Sayumin may not read my blog, but her name does appear as the top search term in my stats. During this past year, my blog has been accessed 157 times through the search engine term sayumi michishige and also countless of others, such as sayumi michishige and ai takahashi, sayumi michishige kiss, sayumi michishige kiss ai takahashi, sayumi michishige kawaii… my blog is not be the best out there, far from that, but the people behind these searches found what they were looking for, don’t you think?

Future posts to look forward to: favourite pieces of idol merch, favourite H!P songs of 2011, Sayuminglandoll PB (I’m quite late with this so I’m not sure), review posts only if I really feel like it. A year ago I said I might blog about jdrama I watch too… but I’ve only finished one jdrama this year (Mr. Brain, who which was brilliant though).

Anyway… thanks everyone! *eats leftover cake (there was too much of it)*


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hanakotoba!

    • Thank you imootochan! ^^ Actually it is possible Sayu has seen my blog, because I know she has been searching her name. And if she does the search in romaji, my blog is easy to find. But what would she understand? She would see pictures of herself and her coworkers, and recognise phrases like “I love her” and “she is cute”. Yes she might like it! :D

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