AiSayu in September

Umm… hi again. This post may seem a bit unnecessary to some (especially to those who follow Sayu’s blog themselves) , but it’s an important one to me. You know, Sayu has been blogging about Aichan quite a lot this past September, and the last entries of the month really touched me. What do I do when H!P makes me feel emotional? Correct! I write a blog post!* It’s also a perfect way to take my mind off things that bother me in my life right now, so please bear with me and my AiSayu fangirling. ^^

So… what happened in September? Yep, it was the month of Lovely’s 25th birthday. September 13th (on the day before) Ai and Sayu visited Aika‘s house. Aika cooked takoyaki for her guests and surprised Aichan with a cake. Aichan got lots of cakes for her birthday… another one on the right. That strawberry cake looks yummy, but the smile is what I notice first. So cute Aichannn! (Sayu agrees with me!)

Sayu finds Ai not only cute but cool as well. For example, in this Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tobitatsukara outfit. Sayu blogged about Ai’s appearance in Coming Soon (she was glued to the TV screen… cute! ♥) but these pics are from the cover shoot. Great look and a great song too! (Still waiting for my copy though along with the single V…)

Here, some cute AiSayu pics… because… do I need a reason?! ^^

Oh and I know there are some people who prefer TakaGaki, so here you go. I ignore Risa a lot, so from now on I will try my best to like her more (I really used to back in 2007 or 2008).

Gifts from Ai to Sayu. A chocolate pattern bracelet, her new photobook (gorgeous cover!) and a watch.

Here is Sayu’s blog entry on the graduation. Or, go here to read the original Japanese version! (All translations here by TNB for blog!project, thank you very much for your hard work! Check out this translation site everyone, you can find the link in the sidebar.)

Morning Musume’s concerts at Nippon Budoukan have ended!

It was leader Takahashi Ai-chan’s graduation.

It still doesn’t feel real. (>__<)

It’s truly a mysterious feeling…

It totally totally totally doesn’t feel real. (;_;)

I’m very lonely.

But Sayumi is looking forward to seeing
Ai-chan do the things that she wanted to do alone and seeing her fulfill her dreams!!

It’s lonely, but it wasn’t just a sad graduation!

The upcoming solo Ai-chan will shine brightly.

It was a very optimistic graduation♪

But as expected, I’m lonely…it’s a difficult feeling. (lol)

Ai-chan was truly a great leader.

I love Ai-chan!
Her face and her body and her character, I love it all!!

Ai-chan, you’ve worked hard these past ten years.

Thank you for being so kind to me.
Even though it was about Sayumi’s problems, thank you for crying with me.

Congratulations on your graduation.

Even after Ai-chan’s graduation, Morning Musume will keep on doing our best!!!!!

While keeping the at wonderful at home feeling Ai-chan made in Morning Musume,

we will create a new Morning Musume with Gaki-san as leader.(*^o^*) Watch us, okay? (*^o^*)

And this lovely quote which sums up pretty well the feelings of a lot of fans.

Ai-chan ♥♥♥♥♥


↑I just yelled it for no reason. lol

There is also an entry titled simply I love you and containing nothing but Aichan’s name and pictures of her. Aww Sayumin. ♥ Of course, there were other mentions of Aichan as well. For example, they were eating out and taking pictures together. But I won’t cover all that or else it’d be just silly. I mean this post is silly enough. Just go and read the blog yourselves, right? LOL Ah but she does post a lot, so maybe someone will appreciate this little effort of mine.

To finish my post, a sweet picture from Ai Believe tour’s Nagoya concert. Sayu says it was an accident as they both tried to kiss each other’s cheeks. I say it was planned goodbye gift from Ai. ^^ In any case, it’s cute.

Kiss goodbye?

* I think didn’t blog about Sayu’s reaction to Eri’s graduation, but I had just started blogging back then. That was even more touching. I cried.


5 thoughts on “AiSayu in September

  1. Wow this was so sweet :) When I read Sayu’s blog I always look out for AiSayu :3 (But I read Reina’s more often because it used to have incredibly regular Aika Posts but not so much anymore D:)

    Didn’t Sayu say on H!P time ‘I’m not sure what’s I’ll say to Aichan, but whatever comes out will do’ :) Sayu has a way with words :D

    @John and with her hands ^_^

    • I like reading Reina’s blog too but I keep forgetting lately.

      She definitely does, and then she just likes speaking so much. :) I never get bored of listening to her speak even when I can’t understand her.

      Sayu is a loving person… with her hands too? XD

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