My H!P Right Now 2

It’s back, everyone! My H!P Right Now, my random H!P related thoughts, part two.

Firstly, 4nin S/mileage. I’ve always liked their songs, but I’ve kept a distance to them because of their high pitched vocals. Then came the awesome Uchouten LOVE. I found myself thinking, as a H!P fan I’ve grown quite attached to the s/mileys. At some point, I even called their singing tolerable and I was just about to call myself a fan when suddenly…!!! :( Yes. Sakitty left, five sub-members came. Or four, who cares. I know I don’t. I’ll just pretend this never happened, then start to follow S/mileage from the debut. Looking forward to their next single titled aMa no Jaku.

Next, Saki Nakajima! Besides the usual stuff (Hello Pro Time and C-ute releases), I’ve started following her blog a bit and I watched her appearance in a TV show called Tsubokko where she was asked a few weird questions. I thought it was funny how similar my own answers would have been to hers, and how she said she likes being asked questions like that. It’s great when the more you follow an idol, the more you like her. That is definitely the case with me and Nacky. This Hidamari photo of hers was so cute, I bought it on eBay even though I shouldn’t have.

And last, Manochan’s concerts. Erina Mano is my second favourite in H!P but I constantly pay far too little attention to her. So, lately I have been catching up with her concert performances and I am IMPRESSED. :) Her songs are better than most H!P, but she is a wonderful performer too! There is nothing, nothing I would want to change. Didn’t know Mano can be sexy too? Sit back and watch. No revealing clothing involved. It’s all in her movements, expressions, and voice. Because she is amazing like that. ♥

That is all for now! Bye! ^^

PS. It’s not H!P, so I have to put it this way. Minami Takahashi. From AKB48. Is adorable. At the time of EriJunLin graduation, I remember watching this TV show of her with Momusu, and I thought she was sweet. I remember her crying because of the audition. I can’t find that video now, but this is from the same show. Watching her expressions must be one of the most entertaining things in the world! Mind you, I don’t know anything about her and I have no interest in AKB48 at all. But this really makes me smile. :)


6 thoughts on “My H!P Right Now 2

    • Yes, I did think of that! So it’s good I came up with the idea to write about Takamina (the AKB girl). I thought, now that’s something you wouldn’t write! Oh and the Morningtime version might be a slightly different style. *imagines a Morningtime version of this post* XD The S/mileage part is clearly lacking harsh wording and the Mano part some hmm interesting references. LOL

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