Congratulations to Lovely Aichan

Any day of the year is good for Aichan love but this month, we have very special reasons to congratulate her. Today (September 14th) is her 25th birthday. This same day also marks the release date of her last single in Morning Musume, Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatteirundayo / Kare to Isshoni Omise ga Shitai. (That is a wonderful single! I am currently very optimistic about the sales, happy buying everyone! ^^ I might mention the single sometime later again.) And on September 30th, she will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Project.

So, today I am dedicating a blog post to ♥ Ai Takahashi ♥, the Lovely Leader of Morning Musume and Hello! Project. (It was about time I did this!) Here is a picture from her photobook Katachi, which was released last year. Why? It just looks good here. ^^

I admire Aichan so much but even at a time like this, I find it difficult to put my thoughts about her in words. With Aika, I could easily list a few things I like about her. And of course, there is this thick book I have written in my head, titled 101 Reasons to Love Sayumi MichshigeBut with Aichan, it’s more complicated. More… vague. The best word I can think of to describe her is lovely. But… you know the feeling when you say I love you to someone? And sometimes you feel silly saying that, because it’s just NOT ENOUGH to express how you really feel? A bit in the same way, saying that Aichan is lovely is an understatement.

Aichan is one of the idols I would most want to be close friends with. I don’t think we are alike though. I mean, our likes and tastes couldn’t be much more different. But I have always thought, we would get along very well. I imagine us spending the whole day giggling and not knowing ourselves why. Aichan makes me feel relaxed and… welcomed? Yes, I don’t know what I mean by that. ^^

Aichan’s personality still remains somewhat a mystery to me. I often hear people say, she is shy. But is she really? (Can a person with a profession like this be shy to begin with? In theory?) I do think she is very sweet though, and modest. A little quiet as well. And she is not that good at talking, at least if we compare her to Sayu (then again, if we do that, nobody is). But the way she reacts to things that really surprise or scare her, like in this video, it’s hilarious and certainly not reserved. And sometimes, she can be very funny in an adorably silly way. That reminds me of this! Definitely one of the funniest and most imaginative performances on that Hello! Project DVD.

Aichan is also generally considered one of the best singers in Hello! Project. I personally prefer cute and unique voices such as Sayumi and Manochan, but I do enjoy Aichan’s beautiful voice in her solo songs and (even more so!) her powerful solo lines. I don’t even want to think what Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game will sound without her… :( She is also a very skilled dancer and (I don’t think I am too much biased if I say this?) a great actress. I love her in Morning Musume musicals!

And of course, Ai is beautiful! I admit I’m not a fan of  her recent blonde hairstyle (it looks better now that it’s slightly darker), but she really is gorgeous. Don’t you just love her smile? Oh so cute. Enjoy these pics I have chosen specially for you! And me. And even you, the strange person who is not her fan. I mean you have come this far reading my post, it must mean something… ^^ (Or maybe it’s because you like me? :P) Anyway… here we go! (Not in exact order.)

Ten years in Morning Musume. A decade of hard work which has brought wonderful results! Congratulations on your graduation, dear Aichan! ♥ I have been able to follow your career for the past four years and I am very grateful for that. You don’t know my name, but we have met once. You spoke French to me and shook my hand. Thank you for the smiles you have given me, and the inspiration. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of a direction your career will take now. You deserve all the success you can dream of! Congratulations on your 25th birthday as well.

To finish my post, I want to wish the best of luck to Risa Niigaki, the new leader of Morning Musume and Hello! Project. Together with sub-leader Sayumi Michishige, they will be so sad when Ai is gone :( do just fine.

"Look, Sayusuke! Our T-shirts are sending messages to Aichan! Woooo!"


3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Lovely Aichan

  1. A very lovely post about Lovely. :D

    I agree with you that it’s a bit difficult to really nail down her appeal, but almost paradoxically so. I mean that in even though she is a great singer, actress, sweet as all can be, and even beautiful to boot, she still somehow manages to be more than merely the sum of those admittedly very impressive parts.

    I’m looking forward to Risa and Sayu’s leadership, but gosh is it going to be bittersweet :(

  2. I feel a bit bad now, I didn’t upload even one recent picture with the short haircut. Or a blog picture where she is showing her personal style. So in that way too, there is much more to Aichan than what you can see in my blog post.

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