Well, LOVE might be an exaggeration, but… why can’t I get Uchouten LOVE out of my head?!  Ahem. Sorry. I was saying, unlike so many other Momusu fans I know, I really do like Aika Mitsui. Or Mittens as some call her. I just had to mention that because it’s such a cute nickname! ^^ She has never been one of my top favourites, but I would probably rank her above Risa and Riho, possibly Fukuchan and Eripon too. She doesn’t stand out to me in the group like some others do, but over the years I have grown very attached to her and I’m sure I will miss her lots when she graduates.

Here is one of my favourite recent pics of her. It’s a great hairdo for her and I think she looks adorable.

Hmm… what do I have to say about Aika? Aika is… sort of a girl next door. While taking her work seriously, she is sweet and caring. She is often the first to notice when things are not going right or someone is upset. She also seems to really care about her fans. Of course, all idols try very hard to make the fans feel welcomed at events, but Aika is exceptionally good and natural at that. I especially noticed this during Japan Expo 2010 in Paris, when I met her in person. (By the way, one of my three glowsticks there was purple! Just because I suddenly felt, she deserves more support…)

Oh and there is Aika the singer! Her voice might not be perfect like Sayu’s*, but when I think of ranking all Momusu songs and performances (LOL, no! Don’t make me do that!), Aika appears close to the top a lot. I wish her injury will be completely healed soon so she can perform actively again. Anyway, here you go! It’s…

MTSayuRin’s Aika songs top three! In no specific order.

Otoko Tomodachi from the 4th album. It’s a song with cute and a little bit sad lyrics, and a fun dance focused on arm and hand movements. The original was sung by Nacchi with the gokkies as backing singers and dancers, but my personal favourite is Aika’s adorable performance with V-u-den (one of my favourite H!P units ever!) in the Autumn 2007 concert.

Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkanna Hito is one of my favourite songs from the Platinum 9 Disc album. I prefer it to It’s You, which is quite a confession coming from me (It’s You is Sayumi’s solo). I just really like the sound of it. She performed it in two Momusu concerts, Autumn 2008 and Spring 2009, if I am not mistaken. Very nice and energetic performances.

Haru Beautiful Everyday from the Sexy 8 Beat album. It’s a beautiful duet with Eri Kamei. In their performance from the Spring 2007 concert, both her and Eri look like butterflies in spring. ^^ Also when she had just joined, she was at her cutest. I miss her long black hair.

Speaking of which… it’s time for some picspam! :) Sorry for the slight emphasis on the older pics but I just find those so cute.

The point of this blog entry? While she is not my favourite, I think there is never too much Aika love, you might think there is more than enough… oh well. I’m just glad you are able to enjoy Morning Musume nevertheless. Or, maybe you do like her? That makes me even more happy. Writing this blog post and going trough lots and lots of Aika pics only made me like her more. I might not pay enough attention to her at times but honestly, I can’t think of any reasons to dislike her. The biggest flaw of hers in my eyes is, she isn’t very photogenic. By that I mean I just don’t like her way of posing for the camera and prefer the real life Aika. Not really a big thing, is it.

* See? When it comes to idols, it’s all subjective. :)


7 thoughts on “Aika LOVE

  1. I’ve read your blog for some time now and it’s funny to read about someone with similar preferences :)

    I’m not much into ranking because this means you have to put someone in the bottom. I like to see them more as a team (Arru foru one…), where everyone brings their special ability in. But would I have to name my top 3 those 2 would be definitely.

    Calling her not “very photogenic” is little too much (for me); her smile (without showing teeth) is extremly cute. Biggest flaw in my eyes is the negligence of her natural, deep, husky voice in favor of the pressed, high pitched idol voice. There woul be so much potential for such a voice besides yelling at the kyukkies. ;)

    • Ah, interesting comment. I have to say, part of the reason why I wrote this is, I wanted to talk to those who like Aika and hear their opinions too.

      Actually, I prefer Aika’s smile when she is showing her teeth. I think it looks funny in a good way. But when she smiles with her lips pressed together, especially if she pouts them too, I don’t like that. The best smiles I have seen from her are neither though. Sometimes she has this relaxed happy smile, which makes me think, she might look very different if she hadn’t become an idol. I have the feeling that she tries very hard. In a way it’s a good thing that she does, but sometimes I think, it’s too much.

      You have a good point about her voice. I think that happens to many idols. Koharu comes to mind.

  2. Not only to idols. I’ve met some people throughout my life (men and women alike) where you could clearly hear that their speaking voice is not their “real” voice. I’m living next to a (female) neighbour who is stuck in that high pitched, stressed vioce, and yes, it’s annoying :)

    I hope for Aika that as soon as her mental age and perceived age get more aligned, she’ll start to feel more confident to show off her real voice.

    Koharu on the other hand, needs a weapons licence for her voice, whenever she gets excited. ;) But I absolute adore her quirky character on-screen, and her down-to-earth approach off-screen.

    “But when she smiles with her lips pressed together, especially if she pouts them too, I don’t like that.” Well, she doesn’t have any lips to begin with. You have Jay-Z on one end of the extreme and little Aika on the other… XD

    Short hair non-smiling Aika and slightly smiling Aika are my favourite expressions of her. In those kind of photos she looks like coming directly out of a manga cover. ;)

    • Yes, Koharu is great. :D She is one of my favourite graduated musumes. I was more referring to her singing voice though, I don’t think her Kirari voice was very natural for her, it was just fit for the anime.

      Aika’s voice will probably change in time, maybe she will sing lower now that there are lots of younger kouhais in the group now, and we’re expecting more. I haven’t really paid attention to changes in her voice these past months though.

      More than anyone else, Aika looks like this smiley :3 when she smiles her lips pressed together, thickness of the lips and all. XD Oh and Risa comes pretty close too.


    Aika blog post FTW!!!

    I completely forgot to check for updates after reading on the Aika thread that you were going to do a post about her :3 And Then I was on there again today and I remembered so I came here :D
    Really makes me happy that you did a blog post on her :)

    From the tour:

    “While all the girls were on stage singing Tomo, Reina walked off stage during the middle of the song and came back with Aika’s concert T-shirt draped over her shoulder. At the sight of this, Aichan started crying heavily.
    Reina kept the T-shirt over her shoulder until the song ended and they did their last bow. When they all came together in the end, Reina handed the shirt over to Aichan ”


    • I’m glad it made you happy. :) It didn’t really come out as a praise post though, I’m not big enough a fan for that. But a few nice words about her is something I had wanted to write for a long time.

      It’s so touching what Reina did with the T-shirt. I almost felt like crying when I read that. :'(

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