Hanakotoba! Is Now an HSUSA Affiliate

This blog entry is here just to tell you that HelloStoreUSA has accepted my blog as an affiliate of theirs. If you love Hello! Project and related acts but live outside of Japan, HelloStoreUSA (often abbreviated as HSUSA) is a great place to shop. They offer merchandise from photosets and photobooks to phonestraps and T-shirts, as well as DVDs and USA release CDs. Collecting idol merchandise is always fun, but I personally enjoy it more when I know I actually support my favourite idols. Quoting the site,

All products are NEW and purchased directly from Hello! Project and Up Front Agency in Japan.

What does Hanakotoba! being an affiliate mean to the visitors of the blog? It’s simple. Whenever you make an HSUSA purchase through clicking on a banner in my blog first, I earn points towards a gift card, which I will use to support my favourite Hello! Project idols. I mostly buy Sayumi merchandise, but I have also ordered myself photosets of Ai Takahashi, Linlin, Erina Mano, Morning Musume, and C-ute. Right now I am waiting for my order of lovely Sayumin and Manochan photosets from the recent H!P summer concert goods. ^^ As for my first ever HSUSA order, you can read about it here. (I get no credit for advertising CDJapan or YesAsia on my site, but the thought that I might be contributing to the CD and DVD sales this way makes me happy.)

This banner is too wide to fit in my sidebars but I really like it, so here you go (it should work the same as the others I have). And thanks for you attention everyone!


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