Sayu Loves Idols. I Love Her Blog!

Everyone! Do you like reading your favourite idols’ blogs? I do, but the only official H!P blog I check every day is from Sayumi (here) and I never get tired of recommending, everyone should take some time to read it.

And I’m not biased! Honestly! Well okay I am, but just a tiny bit. For us Sayu fans, the blog is a lovely way to follow the life of our bunny more closely, but even the average H!P fan will definitely enjoy her fangirling over the co-workers and her inspirational (not to mention touching) dedication to her work. S/mileage might be her favourite group, not counting her own? She loves their legs. And Yuuka Maeda. And their legs. And their cute new single Uchouten Love. Did I mention their legs? Ahem. The picture on the right hand side is from a photo shoot for the BLT magazine. Sayu thinks Saki Nakajima’s recent photobook titled W Saki is very charming (she wrote, 魅力的すぎます), and so do I. (What a variety of styles! Definitely worth a look even if you’re not a fan of Nacky, you’ll be surprised.)

So… Sayumi likes looking at cute girls, but who doesn’t like looking at Sayumi? I bet even the haters* can’t resist her photobooks. Speaking of which, a new one is coming up soon! It has been shot already and Sayu says, for the first time she took part in the planning and she’s super excited about it. As for the blog pics, they are also a nice source for nail design and fashion inspiration for us fangirls. Not sure about the bee outfit though! She wore it for the Hello! Project concert this summer. According to Sayumi, Aichan the queen bee was a pro with the wings. ^^

* :(

During this past month or so, Sayumi has been blogging about the Hawaii FC tour and the Hello! Project summer concert, the various photoshoots and the TV show recordings, the sleepy moments and the hard work. She also likes to promote and praise her colleagues’ releases, as well as blog on the small things in life from cute socks with black heart print (black hearts like hers, she says… aww, Sayumin…) to self made chocolate. Honestly, I don’t remember it all and it would require a lot of work to go back even just one month worth of blog entries. So what I have left for you are these pics. Enjoy!

And before I go, a word on the translations. I’m not fluent in Japanese and chances are, you aren’t either. These days, you can go to Nantonaku Translations or Blog! Project for English translations. (No more Hyakupa…) However, do remember to check the original blog too as it counts towards the visitor hits and you get to see the pics sooner than the people who only wait for the translations. And being the language geek I am, I just like staring at the sea of kana and kanji and trying to spot some familiar words and names. But yeah, my point is… by all means… do read the blog! :)

And mine too. Hehe. There are no translations to my blog though so you just have to figure out yourself what I am trying to say. This is all for now… Bai bai and oyasayumin! ^^

PS: I was just about to post this entry when I found out, Saki Ogawa is to graduate from Hello! Project and S/mileage. I mostly pay attention to S/mileage because of Sayu, so I don’t really have much to say. >< But I never expected the group to go through so many changes so fast. Go to Hello! SayuNii for more info and links.


4 thoughts on “Sayu Loves Idols. I Love Her Blog!

  1. You are a real BIG BIG BIG fan of Sayumin, and I’m really HAPPY!
    I LOVE Sayumin *______*
    Even if she is not the best voice, I love everything of her ç____ç

    chu chu <3<3

  2. I love reading Sayu’s blog translations. The way she talks about other H!P members (like S/mileage and the 9th gen).
    It’s something I look forward to every day.

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