C-ute – Sekaiichi Happy na Onnanoko

How do you imagine the world’s happiest girl to be like? C-ute’s newest single Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onnanoko (世界一HAPPYな女の子) is set to release on September 7th, and here is the PV. Cheerful and full of bright colours (their own member colours!), it’s a very cute kind of happy. In my opinion, it grasps the feel of the song well. And the girls do a great job looking just so genuinely happy. :)

I lost my snipping tool with my laptop that broke and I couldn’t find a good alternative for it, so… no screenshot comments this time. (Aww… don’t be sad! Watch the PV once more if you can’t help it!) However, I still want to comment on my favourite parts of the PV. I don’t really know what others think of it yet, but I expect to hear a lot of the usual complaints about H!P being cheap. And as always, I couldn’t care less about the money spent. It’s the idols I like, not some fancy backgrounds. Nacky is looking adorable hiding behind her book. Airi is having so much fun sitting on a chair, while Maimi is concentrating hard to act her super fast part in the song. I love the bright puffy dresses! And the books… or are they notebooks? You thought they played with them just to appear cute? No! They had an important task… to spell out HAPPY! ^^ And the dance! Ever heard me say, any song with lots of Sayu in it is good? Well, here’s a new rule I just made up. Any dance where you suddenly grab your foot is good. Seriously! Weird dance moves ftw!

I’m not saying this is my favourite C-ute single ever, but it is a nice song that can really cheer you up. Check out the prices at CDJapan or YesAsia… maybe you can afford to purchase at least one copy to support C-ute and brighten up your day? :)

PS: Speaking of happy girls… Aichan visited Ktlineker in England (blog) and Chobineko in France (blog) with the TV show J-Melo! Is that amazing or what? Stuff like this make me love H!P/UFA even more. They sure know how to make fans happy. :)


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