New Genesis Fantasy DX DVD (MM Spring 2011)

The Morning Musume 2011 spring concert tour was given the title New Genesis Fantasy DX ~Welcome 9th Generation Members ~ (or the same in Japanese) and the DVD was released on July 27th. As I did with my previous concert DVD review, I will comment shortly (this time, very shortly) on my favourite parts of the DVD. One of them has to be the first song on the setlist, Maji Desu ka Ska. Surprised? Neither am I. The song is as fun as ever! After my favourite single, we get to hear one of their best album tracks, Fantasy ga Hajimaru. Awesome song, even better lead. ^^

I’ve only been a fan since 2007, so why do I get all nostalgic from Sukina Senpai? Gokkies are gokkies, but I have to say the kyuukies are GREAT and they look so happy performing this, I can’t help but smile along. :)

What’s more, Eripon‘s cute high ponytails reminded me of little Omamechan who used to wear her hair like that. And then I just needed a good excuse to post this cute and funny screenshot! Too bad the news are, she has just cut her hair so we won’t get to see those ponytails any time soon now.

Sayu‘s medley of Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago and Tsuugaku Ressha was… amazingly beautiful. [Insert a bunny shaped fangirl emoticon with sparkly hearts here.] It’s almost as touching as her Furusato a few years back and I now find my Ne~e post slightly exaggerating because really, this is what brings me close to tears. In a good way.

I miss Kohapinku but I have to say, Eripon was beyond adorable replacing her in Rainbow Pink. I mean there were times when I moved my eyes away from Sayu to look at her, and that is saying something! However, this screenshot is here for Sayu’s expression, which I captured pretty well, if I may say so myself. I’m just fall in love, ya ya ya ya ya…

In this screenshot you can see the whole stage. I like the pink and purple diamonds… named Sayumi and Erina! ^^

Next up, Moonlight Night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~. A great song from the 10 MY ME album, this performance of Aichan, Gaki and Riho was simply breathtaking. I bet if you go read all your favourite H!P fanblogs now, you’ll find a ton of fantastic dance screenshots of the girls, so I’ll give you an empty space instead.

I could mention many more performances, but I’ll use my last screenshot for Reina and her Ai no Honoo. What’s there not to like? It’s pretty Reina singing a pretty song in her pretty voice, and that’s an understatement. This song alone makes the album Fantasy! 拾壱 worth buying.

This concert is a real treat for a Sayu fan. I’m not only speaking of her solo medley, Rainbow Pink and Fantasy ga Hajimaru, but also the new lines she got in the singles. Who else do you think caught my attention? Yep, youve guessed it, Eripon! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile this much before! A little bit awkward and so very cute, the KY girl has just earned a higher place in my ranking.

Where were the lovely pink and light blue outfits though? And I have to say, the intro VTR wasn’t that great. Oh and there were only two solos, but I’m too excited about this summer’s Hawaii FC tour DVD to really care about that.

All in all, this DVD is full of cute and sexy win. It’s definitely an enjoyable watch and an important item for any Momusu fan’s collection as it is the first concert tour of the adorable kyuukies. Please support Morning Musume by buying this fantastic release (I recommend CDJapan)! And as always, please do share your opinions in the comments.


3 thoughts on “New Genesis Fantasy DX DVD (MM Spring 2011)

  1. Eripon has cut her hair now too? Gosh, maybe someone should start hiding the scissors over there?

    The concert definitely looks awesome! Hopefully this one will be released on Blu-ray like the last two, and I’ll go ahead and pick it up. I prefer the Blu-ray because the region locks aren’t an issue and they’re also incredibly pretty to watch!

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