My H!P Right Now 1

I have realised I am wrong in thinking, only a topic that makes me want to write a book is worth a blog post. I often have the urge to blog on something of less volume or importance, so I thought of a new concept for my blog posts. From time to time, I will simply post random H!P related stuff that is occupying my mind at the moment. It’s not entirely a news post, because many of the things I cover will have happened years ago. It’s not exactly a review post either. It’s simply My H!P Right Now. Who knows, it might be(come) yours too. Read on!

First, Reina Tanaka. A few days ago, I treated myself to some Hello Cover songs. My first choice was Reina’s Kosui, and it’s still my favourite of the series (mind you, Sayu didn’t get to cover anything). Her voice is so cute and fun! I also adore her Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G solo from the 7.5th album. As for very recent Reina news… I’m so glad she made it to Hawaii missing only one FC event (the staff had lost her passport, apparently)! Here’s a pic where Reina is sporting a fun hairdo that would look ridiculous on almost anyone but her. It’s great. She’s great. An idol with a strong personality and the cutest smiles and winks you can imagine, she’ll be my 2nd favourite in the group soon.

Next up on my list is Sexy Boy. And no I don’t mean Tsunku. :P I’m talking about the song, Sexy Boy ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~. Catchy and white and pretty, it’s always been one of my favourite Momusu singles. Judging by the amount I’ve been playing it recently, it might even rival my beloved MDKS now. I’d be lying if I said I thought the lyrics are brilliant, but who cares. In fact, I might as well confess, the main reason I love the song is the cute English pronunciation. I simply cannot resist the sekushii booi. Who’s with me? Here’s a cute Konkon screencap from the making of. Ue ue!

Something I cannot stop watching these days? Maimi Yajima and the preview for her new e-Hello DVD titled Foggy Doll. Sounds… mysterious, doesn’t it? Maimi in a deliciously bright and fluffy outfit moving slowly to background music is simply hypnotising. (It is in fact the dance to Kiss Me Aishiteru, only slowed down.) You know some fans have claimed (seriously, of course!), that UFA sprinkles the H!P merchandise with addictive powder of some kind. We breathe it in, and it makes us want to buy more. I believe it now. This DVD preview must be part of the plot.

Lately I’ve also been into collecting photos of my oshimen. Some people are reluctant to break their group sets for whatever reason, but I’m not one of them. The only sets I will never break are my Momusu Paris sets and a set of eight Sayu and AiSayu Aruiteru photos I got as a present from Morningtime, as those bear important memories. I love all my H!P photos to bits (honestly, I do!) but to get more Sayu, I’m now willing to part with some Risa or Aika, not to mention my old school goods. Because you know, this stuff isn’t cheap. I get my photos from Hello Store USA, eBay (Dora’s Store and Myashimado), Hello! Online threads, and friends. Have you guys seen the summer concert goods yet? Want! :) Here is an example of what I have received this year.

That’s it, I guess! Look forward to part 2… sometime in the future. When I feel like it. ^^


4 thoughts on “My H!P Right Now 1

    • There are many ways to blog and I think for the reader all of them are nice. But for the blogger, my way (and yours) could easily get overwhelming. I feel like I’d like to post more often and on various topics. That’s why I’m trying to change a bit.

  1. I try and make sure to blog atleast once a week. Even if it is just a short post, I like to keep up where I’m at xD ^^ Good post nee-chan :D

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