Japan Expo 2010!

No, I’m not mistaken on the year. It is 2011 and this weekend, the visitors of Japan Expo in Paris have the possibility to meet Hangry and Angry as well as Yossi and Rika. I would be happy to meet at least two of them and possibly even all four, but I’m not going and that’s not what I’ll be talking about.

I… I was there in July 2010.

And I met Morning Musume.

I didn’t have a blog back then so I never published it, but I did write a diary for my own enjoyment when I got back home. Long and sweet, it was a lovely diary. I also made a slightly shorter blog friendly version of it, where I edited out all the dirty details. (I’m joking! There were no dirty details! Unless you count the sweaty free hugs that strangers attacked me with.) I wanted to publish it this coming weekend, to celebrate the first anniversary of the amazing three days I spent in Paris. I loved reading everyone else’s experiences so I thought it would be nice to publish mine too. But… but. :( I LOST THEM. I lost them all with my old laptop that took its last breath a couple of weeks ago. ><

The (hopefully) good news are, my memory hasn’t got that blurry and I can even find my old forum posts. So, here you are. MTSayuRin’s Paris Memories, take two, part one. (There is no part two.) Instead of describing the events of each day from morning to evening like most people did, I’ll just point out the highlights of my trip. I do realise I risk making this sound like an Oscar awards speech but really, there are people I would like to thank…

First, everyone who was there having a good time. If you were there, there’s a good chance I was looking at you at some point, smiling. Seeing all these people around me, whether they were doing wotagei in the queue or just looking at their idols with heart shaped eyes, that is an experience I will treasure forever. Everyone looked so happy, excited and free of worries. I know I was.

Morning Musume and UFA for… well, the whole thing. It was my first H!P concert (and the only one so far) so I can’t really compare, but I loved it. I ended up somewhere in the middle rows and I could only see one or two of the girls at a time, but I was having so much fun, I wanted the time to stop. My best memories from the concert? Singing happy birthday to Sayu and seeing my favourite concert song (How Do You Like Japan) performed live. I also won a ticket to the Friday signing session. Is it just my imagination or were the winning tickets thicker from the rest in the box? The whole event was confusing to me and half of my attention was on my photoset, because the signatures kept smudging. I didn’t speak much to any of them, but I did tell Sayu I was happy to meet her for the first time. She replied to me with the phrases hajimemashite (nice to meet you) and kochira koso (me too / my pleasure). I remember thinking that she seemed a bit tired, but really making an effort to be friendly and polite to me. Here’s a pic of Sayu from the Thursday signing. When I met her, she was wearing the pink bunny dress.

Besides Sayu (I was wearing her Nine Smile shirt), also Junjun paid a lot of attention to me. (I wrote more about meeting her and also Linlin and Eri in my EriJunLin graduation post.) Seeing my beloved idols so close and even shaking their hands wasn’t as I had imagined it. I wasn’t very nervous. It was more like a surreal dream-like feeling… something that I find very difficult to put in words. I also watched another signing session on Saturday and the Q&A event on Sunday, and I saw Momusu walking right past me to the H!P stall after the Saturday signing. They just happened to be right next to me, so close that it was almost funny to wave at them. But I did, and Reina and Aika who were closest to me, they smiled and waved back. I know some of you had much more exciting experiences (such as actually talking to the girls), but I’m very happy with my luck. …I could write so much more about this, but as I said this is the short version of the short version. Do feel free to ask more and share your own experiences in the comments. :)

Morningtime, Hexi, @ebebop, Ptom, and InsaneLampshade for trusting me and accepting me (practically a stranger to most of them) in their company for Saturday evening. Also a special thanks to Hexi for giving me glowsticks (which I never paid for, sorry!) and leaving the birthday card I made for Sayu in the gift box on Sunday.

My roommate I lost contact with. I don’t even know what username you go by, possibly still none. I would’ve been literally lost without you, the girl with a sat-nav inside her head. Thank you, I enjoyed your company. Also my other roommate m(Vo_oV)m who spent all his nights in signing session queues. It’s only later I realised, I shouldn’t have accepted so much money from you for the hotel room. Thank you, you were very kind.

All the fans I spoke to. I definitely want to mention pinkguin here as I haven’t yet, but I do mean everyone. I was so happy to meet other fans for the first time in my life! I have a very clear memory of one moment when I sat down to have something to drink and eat with my roommate (the sat-nav girl) and Morningtime (the Junjun shirt guy… yeah, that’s all you were for me back then!). We talked about our favourite Momusu songs and I remember thinking, wow. These are real living and breathing idol fans next to me. Okay so I do know everyone reading this are human beings too, but being able to speak to other fans instead of typing, and seeing them understand what I was talking about, that was amazing.

And finally Morningtime, the person who I ended up spending most of my time at the expo with. (Not to mention this past year, but that’s another story and doesn’t really belong in a blog post.) Thank you for… hmm. You know there’s a reason I left you last. Because you’re the most important one, including Sayu. I tried so hard not to make this a Why MTSayuRin Loves Morningtime praise post and I’ve come this far, so I’ll just say this. Thank you for finding me so many times when I kept losing you. Thank you for everything. :)

I returned from my trip with a pink smiley wristband that really needed a wash. It got wet in the rain and dirty while sitting on the ground. Possibly even sweaty at the concert. On Sunday, before realising what I was doing, I wiped my tears on it. >< It’s not like I was bawling, but I couldn’t stop tears falling down my cheeks. I really didn’t want to leave behind the place with nine amazing idols (I counted Yuko too!) and their happy fans.

This is what I wanted to share with all of you. Thank you for your attention, and sorry for being a whole year late with this. Let’s hope for Momusu to return as soon as possible! Or maybe someone else from H!P? Who would you most want to see at Japan Expo 2012? For me it’s still Momusu, especially if Sayu will still be in the group.


9 thoughts on “Japan Expo 2010!

  1. This is such a lovely post. That weekend was fantastic. I think our experiences were very similar so I don’t have much to add but I’ll reiterate how great it was to be in the presence of so many other fans. I remember so many different moments really clearly. So clearly that they could have been happening earlier today. Standing in the queue for the autograph lottery with you, Pinkguin, her dad and some Spanish girl. Oh and Oroboras was just ahead with Nimrahwt. I remember pointing out Nimrahwt’s Reina tattoo to Pinkguin and suggesting she get one. :p Sitting eating with you and your room-mate at the expo on the day of the concert. Later on looking for your username tag that had fell off your bag. Sitting in the concert queue while it poured down on us. Sitting in Ptom and Hexi’s hotel room eating pizza while watching Koharu’s grad concert dvd. Plus so many other moments. Little snippets of time that somehow even now stand out so strongly. And that’s just the stuff without Momusu being actually there in front of us. Then there’s the signings, the concert, and for me waving them goodbye at the airport. Everything is still so vivid. Best of all of course there was you. I have so much to thank you for but you know that so I’ll just say meeting you was the best part of the whole four days for me. :) Thank you!

    I’d love to go to Paris again. If Momusu went back I’d be really pleased. If not though I’d love C-ute to go. They never get to go anywhere! Alternatively Mano Erina or Buono would be great.

    • Lovely comment too! :) I remember all those moments you mentioned, and so many more. And I remember them clearly. I think that’s because we have been thinking about those days so much, it’s impossible to forget them. :)

      • I didn’t include many details in my post because I tried to fit it in a nutshell, but I just read your first comment again and I really do love those little snippets of time. For some reason, I remember especially well the time between the Friday signing and the concert. For example, this moment. I wanted to go buy a bottle of water at a stall close to where we were standing before leaving for the concert queue. Just a few steps away. “Can we go together?” I asked. It feels silly now that I think of it. But I really didn’t want to do anything alone… :)

  2. You guy are adorable. XD get a room. :P

    Everyone is getting all remenicsent of that weekend. even me and i don’t even pay attention to H!P anymore. It was so much fun. i didnt cry when leaving Paris but when i got home i couldn’t stop howling! haha.

    It was an amazing weekend.

    I think the reason we invited you for pizza is because we had already become friends. :D after one day talking to you we were already friends. :) that’s what i love about conventions and things that that bring fans together in one place, everyone gets on really well with eachother because they are all into the same thing and have the same mind sets and want to share it with everyone else! :)

    Thank YOU for putting up with our weird little group. XD


    • I think I fit in weird little groups quite well. XD

      But yes I agree with what you said about bringing fans together. I feel that way too. Even the way I met you guys, that was because I saw a bunch of H!P T-shirts in the bus and I felt like I wanted to follow them and make friends with them. I mean, with the people wearing the shirts. XD It helped a lot though, my roommate recognised you. But I did feel like it was easy to make friends with everyone.

      It really was an amazing weekend. :)

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