I watched the Eri, Junjun and Linlin Fanclub event last night and it made me miss Linlin so dearly, I just had to blog about her! Sure, I miss Junjun and Eri too, but… I’ll be honest, okay? It really was Linlinman and friends to me, all of it. I barely even noticed the other two.

I have written about Linlin before and I try not to repeat myself too much, so I’ll just… NO! I can’t make a blog post about Linlin and not praise her! There is never too much Linlin love! Watching the FC event, I laughed so much I got tears in my eyes, all thanks to Linlin’s silly sense of humour. Afterwards, I watched all of her solo performances I had bookmarked. She is so funny, so talented, so pretty. Everything she does, it comes so naturally to her. She can be quite straightforward at times but she’s so sweet and lighthearted… she’s really adorable, isn’t she? I only noticed all this a few months before her graduation in December 2010. Stupid me for not paying attention to her before! If it wasn’t for Sayu being my ichiban everything, Qian Lin would be my favourite H!P member of all time. She is simply bacchiri.

"I don't understand Japanese!"

And now she has gone back to China. What is she up to these days? I knew you’d ask me that, but I only know what I have read in her blog and her Hello! Online thread, which is not much. Well, she has been appearing in a local children’s TV show. I can’t understand a word she or anyone else is saying (I mean, my Chinese is amazing, but my vocabulary might be just enough for a handshake event, not watching a TV show: ni haoke ai, wo ai ni, xiexie), but I still enjoy watching her talk and dance. She doesn’t blog often, but after her graduation, she made a very touching post about staying close in heart even when far apart, and her most recent entry tells about her trip to an anime convention. You can read Linlin’s blog here or, if your Chinese is about as good as mine, here. Really, I recommend every Momusu fan go through those latest posts, it doesn’t take long. Of course, the same goes for Junjun.

You can see many new photos if you go to her blog I just linked, so I’m sure you guys won’t mind a little older picspam. I suggest you listen to Linlin sing for you while you look at the pictures. (Just open the link in a new tab or window!*) Dear Linlin, if you ever release a single or an album, I’ll be sure to buy it!


PS: I’m sorry, I don’t know who made the gif, I found it on Hello! Online and the user who posted it is now banned.

* I didn’t say it was For You, did I? The song is Dearest! ^^


6 thoughts on “BacchiRin

  1. I think Linlin (or just Qian Lin now) will be allright. She was a star in China before Momusu (TV, Drama, Variety, CM’s) and she will be one after Momusu. She’ll smile her way through any hard times.

    Also, her recent cosplay pics were awesome.

    • That is true. I’m not worried about her future either. :)

      I almost uploaded those cosplay pics to my post, but they somehow looked out of place. They can be easily found on blogs and Hello! Online though.

  2. Uwaaaaa~!!! What are you doing?? You’re making me miss her again!!! *whimper* She’s so adorable and talented…*hugs her* Thanks for reminding me what an awesome girl she is. <3

    • :) I read this post again, now I see there isn’t much more content to it than “Linlin is awesome”, “I miss Linlin!” and “Please don’t forget Linlin!” But even that, I think it’s important. I might do another Linlin post later, and focus more on her performances and things like that. I finished this in a hurry so it became a little short.

      Thank you. :)

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