Erina Mano – My Days for You

Once again, Manochan doesn’t disappoint me. Her new single My Days for You (set to release on June 29th) is a slow paced song, but by no means less likable than her more genki releases. It’s so beautiful. (Oh! That is the song this kept reminding me of! Haru Beautiful Everyday from Momusu’s Sexy 8 Beat album.) Now I am willing to admit three things. First, I have far less musical talent than Momoko Tsugunaga has in her pinky finger (that is one talented finger though). Second, I suck at evaluating people’s vocal skills. Third, I have always loved Erina’s vocals simply for their cute and fresh sound. But even so, I don’t think I’m wrong if I claim that this song really shows, she has grown to be not only a stunning young woman but also a good singer! Maybe? :) In any case, listening to Erina’s voice always makes me feel happy.

I started writing this entry a couple of weeks ago. That’s when an alternate PV version titled Riverside Version was released along with a 30 second CM preview. I wanted to review the full regular PV, but oh well. Here’s the CM:

A sunny but peaceful outdoors PV, I think it matches with the song perfectly. I especially like the bus parts (is it weird that I love sitting in a bus when the sun shines?) and how the wind plays with Erina’s hair in the riverside version.  The only thing I would change is her dress, it isn’t really my taste.

To finish my entry, a word on the covers. I’m sure most of you guys agree with me, Mano’s single covers tend to be quite boring. They do have a beautiful face printed on them, but there is very little variation. This single, however, offers us a pleasant surprise with Limited Edition A, which is my favourite. She’s not looking at the camera? She’s drinking… juice? She’s looking down with a cute smile? Add to cart… click! Proceed to checkout… click! Confirm preorder… click! ^^ 10 points out of 10.

Limited Edition B is nice as well, but very much like some of her previous single covers. Beautiful. Sexy? (8/10)

In the regular version, she looks like a  tennis player. Love the smile, not a big fan of the background. (7/10)

So pretty in blue. I never buy Single Vs, but this would be a beautiful way to start my collection. Good covers all of them, complete with a perfect choice for a font. Click to see them even bigger (you know you want to)! (9/10)

I really enjoy the overall beautiful and calming feel to this single. If your thoughts are any similar to mine, please remember that Manochan needs our support to keep releasing. Her single sales have recently dropped… let’s all try our best to get them up again! Preorder links: CDJapan YesAsia. (I wonder if I should start adding HMV too.)


5 thoughts on “Erina Mano – My Days for You

  1. I’ve always rather liked Mano’s single covers. Sure, they’re usually quite simple but to the point and pretty. I’ll agree with you though that these are especially nice. I wouldn’t mind having a much bigger version of the picture in the top right of the Limited A :D

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