Morning Musume – Only You

The H!P releases I’ve been most looking forward to this summer have very similar titles. What’s more, the release dates are only two weeks apart. It’s new singles from my favourite group and favourite soloist. First, let’s take a look at the 46th single from Morning Musume, titled Only You. It will be released June 15th.

The song is nice. It’s not love at first sight but it’s okay, not every song has to be. We’ll just stay friends. I usually tend to prefer songs that are either calm and beautiful or catchy and genki. This is neither, but I think the fast paced parts sound cool and overall I do enjoy the song. As for the PV… old school fans will probably hate me for this, but I think it’s like a seriously improved version of Love Machine with hints of Ai no Sono ~Touch my Heart~ and Yume Miru 15. Really nice, actually. Sharp camerawork is always a big plus. (I’m not a fan of the shaky blurry filming they had going on in MDKS and KP. ) Also, I noticed Gakisan more than ever. Pretty! I especially liked her hair like this. Dear Gakisan, it’s okay to let your hair grow longer, but I wish you won’t return to your big and messy hairstyles ever again. (Think the hairstyle of 3 2 1 Breakin’ Out. If you’re with me on this though, you’d rather not think of it.)

Another thing that stood out to me are the flying gems. Oh and obviously Sayu, but that goes without saying, doesn’t it? Sometimes I just like to point out people that I don’t usually pay much attention to, because everyone in H!P deserves some love. If only I got paid for every minute I look at Sayu on my screen though…  But yes, let’s buy this cool single on CDJapanYesAsia, or your local music retailer, if you’re lucky like that. ^^


11 thoughts on “Morning Musume – Only You

    • True, for some reason I only mentioned her looks but I really liked her lines too.

      Oh by the way, I’ve tried to comment on your blog, but my comments never appear… maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  1. Sayu is stunning in this pv, I gotta say. And Mame? She needs to go solo. Right now. Wouldn’t it be great to be paid to squee over favourites? I’d have so much money right now if someone paid me every time Yossy made me involuntarily yelp with joy.

    • Sayu really is stunning! Well she always is! But I think this style suits her very well. Yeah we could make a fortune like that, UFA could start paying us and they’d probably get the money back anyway. XD

      I’m glad you found my blog again, I was was going to tell you the next time I comment on your blog, silly me I didn’t do it beforehand.

  2. I actually used to be able to buy new H!P stuff on the day of their release at a Japanese book store some 20 miles or so south of were I live. Unfortunately, sometime early last year they stopped reliably stocking them… =\

    And you’re darn right Risa is looking pretty here! So, so glad she’s letting her hair grow back out again!

    • Wow that’s so lucky. There is at least one place in my town which sells jpop but the last time I was there, no H!P.

      I actually really liked Risa’s short hair. I think her hair is quite thick and it can easily look too heavy when it’s long, unless it’s cut and styled nicely like here. Then again, I usually prefer short hair over long. Except for Aichan. She looked much better with long hair, in my opinion.

    • Ahh, yeah, I know what you mean with Risa’s hair (I agree with your example above), still I generally prefer longer hair myself as I thought her hair looked fantastic in “Nanchatte Renai.”

      Oh gosh, and Ai-chan, I couldn’t agree more. She better be letting it grow out (and darken up for that matter) as quick as possible!

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