Sayu Performs Ne~e?

Why didn’t anyone tell me, it’s been up a few days already! Sayumi‘s performance of Ne~e? from Kangei Shinsen Matsuri, the Hello! Project Winter 2011 concert! *puffs her cheeks trying to look angry but fails*

As most of you probably know, Ne~e? is an Aya Matsuura single. Coincidentally, it’s also my first ever Hello! Project song. What’s more, my first jpop song! Why is it that whenever you search for funny videos on YouTube, sooner or later you find yourself watching something Japanese. That’s exactly how I stumbled upon the PV for Ne~e? in February 2007. I remember staring at the colourful cuteness with a stupid smile on my face and from that moment on, there was no turning back. That day, I took my first step into H!P fandom.

And here I am four years later, watching my oshimen Sayumin perform the same song. Please join me by clicking on the arrow below.

(Video removed)

What can I say? Well what do you say when you have just seen the most epic performance ever? I love this so much, I’m SPEECHLESS. Really, I can’t think of anything clever to say. I’m in love.

Anata ga suki dakara yo… ♥ Oh the lucky fans in the audience!

Do you prefer sexy Sayu or cute Sayu? Hmm… No, the real question is, if Sayu jumps into a swimming pool while wearing this dress, does it float?

Hands up, who thinks this performance was insanely cute? Yay I knew you’d agree with me! ♥

It’s a nice song but what makes it even better is Sayu herself, her movements, her voice, her… everything! I watched this three times already, and I know I won’t stop. Also, don’t miss the stunningly accurate Ayaya impression at 0:49! ;) And fans of C-ute, check out Nacky and Chisa having fun at 1:08. Too bad, this performance only comes with the Blu-ray version of the concert (CDJapan YesAsia), so I didn’t get it with the B-kkuri DVD I reviewed a couple of posts back.

PS: Sorry for the sudden blog address change! ><” I hope most of my readers have found their way back here.

Edit some hours later: Now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I do remember there are other Sayu performances that I love too, such as Furusato from the Single Daizenshuu tour and Merry Pin Xmas from a Hawaii FC tour and It’s You from… all right, everything Sayu has ever performed. But still, this is love!


6 thoughts on “Sayu Performs Ne~e?

  1. Heh, you’d almost think the song was written for her! Musically it fits her to a tee.

    I do have a small criticism though: her “boings” were a bit weak! XP

    I didn’t know you got into jpop and H!P through an Ayaya song. What a fantastic introduction! :)

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “boing,” the movements like in 0:24?

      Yeah I only listened to Aya first, I didn’t even know about Momusu until I watched her football film with Go Girl Koi no Victory. :)

    • Yeah, the movement at 0:24 (why’d I put an exclamation point after that?). One of the problems I have when other H!P girls cover Aya’s songs is that I can’t help but compare them back to her, and well, Aya always over exaggerated that move.

      Still, Sayu did a fine job.

      Ha, I remember that movie. GETS! lol

      • Yeah I see what you mean. And the original really is great. Still no matter how I look at it, I enjoy Sayu’s version of this much more than Aya’s. Fangirl bias. XD

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