C-ute – Momoiro Sparkling

This time, C-ute really are cute, aren’t they! Their new single Momoiro Sparkling is set to release on May 25th, and it’s ready for preorder on CDJapan or YesAsia. PV… STARTO!

I like this group lots and I adore all things cute, so this should be heaven for me, right? Well… not quite. I mean the song is okay and I’m sure it’ll grow on me eventually, but it’s not as catchy as the three previous singles. And… I can’t quite put my finger on why, but the PV is sort of annoying. It’s not even the colours that bother me that much (I collect Nine Smile photos), it’s just the overall feel of it. Call me stupid, but I don’t even want to go into details as it would just create unnecessary negativity towards this release.

On a more positive note though… look!

Yes, Airi Suzuki! Suprised, dear reader? I’m completely serious saying, the best thing about this PV are Airi’s cute expressions. I absolutely can’t wait to see her close-up version! And she’s not even my favourite. Or is she? I mean I don’t have one clear favourite in C-ute. I only got into the group last year, and I’ve been changing my mind a lot. The only one who has yet to take the number one spot in my C-ute ranking is Maimai. But Airi… I can’t resist her anymore. So adorable, and a good voice too. I should pay more attention to her from now on. Any suggestions on what to watch?

Oh and… Chisa wink! I could make this a tradition? (See my entry on Kiss Me Aishiteru.) Great hairstyle too.

Then I just really liked this particular dance move (around 2:05). For no apparent reason. Also the song at that moment sounds fun. That, and Nacky’s yay. I don’t think I have anything more to say, except that I really want to eat something sweet now! Preferably a huge bag of chewy fruity sweets. Maybe I already love this on a subconscious level? ^^

PS: Auditions for the Morning Musume 10th generation have been announced (see the official H!P site and Hello! SayuNii). I’m not making a separate blog post on this as all I have to say is, Huh? Wow! Hmm…


17 thoughts on “C-ute – Momoiro Sparkling

    • Haha I finally got you to comment? ^^ (Which reminds me I haven’t commented on the latest STD episodes… sorry. I just didn’t feel I have much to say as I’m not a Berryz fan really.)

      • lol dont stress about it, its not like you’re obligated, and we always appreciate your comments because of the genuine things you want to say about the show :D

        this PV is a complete pile of crap imo. Besides how cheap it is, several camera methods are exactly the same as a few PVs before (majiSKA was the first i identified when they did the solo-camera-then-zoom-in thing in the beginning).

        But yes, Airi is just so awesome in the PV that it holds me back from completely hating it XD

      • Yeah, I don’t. Thanks. :)

        I actually don’t mind cheap PVs at all, I mean I loved the PV for MDKS, but this… it’s as if they TRIED to make it look as cheap as possible. It’s quite sad really, the only thing I like about the PV is the girls themselves. Not just Airi, but all of them. Or maybe it’s not sad… it just shows how awesome C-ute are! :)

  1. I have to agree with you on this one. Not a huge fan of the PV or song, but I can’t deny how fantastic Airi is in this. She absolutely radiates.

    I also adore those costumes. They’re so cute, fun and colorful!

  2. no no the best thing of this Pv is that Chissa is main for the 1st time in her career xD she has broken popularity´s wall ^^ /

    nah, Airi´s main feature has been always the cuteness, so yeah, she is cute in this PV xD but it´s not new xD

    I love winks and Jump´s part xD

    • For me it is new though, I never really noticed Airi before. I guess it’s weird, not noticing someone who gets so much attention in her group! It may be because I’m still quite new to C-ute, but I start paying attention to a certain member for whole other reasons than her being promoted. I’m happy for Chisa though. :)

      Yeah the winks are really cute. ^^ But I don’t care for the jumps.

  3. hehehe the PV was enjoyable to watch ^^ and love your review about it <3 everyone was really awesome and my favorite part will have to be the winks ^_~

    though C-ute never fails me <3

    and nice blog :D added your to my blogroll (not wordpress, blogger XD) ^^

    • Thanks! :) I’ll add your blog to mine too. I’ve seen it before, it’s really nice. By the way, Nacky is my unofficial favourite in C-ute. I say unofficial, because I’m not really sure yet. But she’s been my number one for a few months now.

      Edit: Wait, what is the name of your blog? Nakkylove? Or ShimaShima combo?

      • hehe thanks ^w^
        ahh I see XD yes, everyone in C-ute is really amazing x) <33

        lol any one of them is okay, Nakky love is just the link and ShimaShima is the title so i guess ShimaShima? XD

      • that’s because before, I was the only one who posted in the blog but now, me and my friend shares the blog together and he’s a Maimi fan so we called it Shimashima xD

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