B-kkuri Live DVD (H!P Winter 2011)

Hello! :) It’s been a while, but now I have something to blog about, because a new kind of purchase is always worth a blog post. Why? Simply because blogging is so much fun when you are excited about your topic! I have normally only been buying Morning Musume DVDs (the Kaori grad DVD being my only exception), but look what I got now…

It’s the B version of the Hello! Project Winter 2011 concert, titled Kangei Shinsen Matsuri B-kkuri Live, released April 27th. I’ve been a little confused as to what was going to be included here, as there were several different setlists, so it really was a bikkuri (surprise). But this one has the girls performing their latest singles, Momusu singing a couple of Fantasy Juuichi songs, and the rest are mostly solos. Many of them are covers of early Ayaya songs, only too bad the Sayu version of Ne~e wasn’t included! I’ve heard the audio and I’m sure the performance was both sekushii and kyuuto! There is also a Kangei Shinsen Matsuri A-gana DVD for the shuffle group lovers, and an all-including Blu-ray box for the… lucky fans who can afford it. ><

I’m not going to do a full review, I just want to point out a few moments of the concert that stood out to me. First, Seishun no Serenade. I’m a huge Erina Mano fan, so I’m a bit sad not having written a blog entry on this recent single of hers (I was busy at the time). The song and the dance are lovely, and so is this performance. ♥ Erina also sang Watarasebashi later in this concert, it… made me miss Linlin. *sigh* But Genkimono de Ikou with S/mileage was fun.

For their first song, Morning Musume performed Lucky Girl from Fantasy Juuichi. Now this song wasn’t my favourite from the album, but I really liked the performance! The dance is great with lots of abrupt movements that made getting a decent screencap a real chore. One thing I found a bit unfair though. Sayu is the prettiest member in the group and she gets the prettiest dress too? ^^ Hehe but really, somehow she stole all my attention again. She got her hair stuck on her lips a few times (sticky lip gloss?), but the way she moved on the stage was wonderfully energetic. Awesome Sayumin. But actually I think everyone did a great job sounding and looking good. Honourable mention to Aika’s forehead for… not showing itself.

As you guys may remember, the kyuukies took part in the concert tour to introduce themselves. They appear in this DVD too, so here you go. Oh and I really just wanted to post another screencap with Sayu. :P

Is it a girl or a Christmas present? ^^ Hehe. I loved Akai Nikkichou performed by Chisato Okai. Beautiful in every possible way, even if she didn’t cry like Nakazawa did in the PV for this song. Thank you Chisa!

Lucky fans in the audience won awesome presents in a darts game! By awesome I obviously mean this card from Sayu. There was also a signed visual book from Saki Ogawa. An amusing MC, this compensates the lack of a Sayu solo. Here a few screencaps. No, the girls in the last pic are not laughing at Sayu! :)

I have no idea whose song is Toumorokoshi to Sora to Kaze, it was my first time hearing it, but I do know Saki Nakajima was adorable performing it! Also, I have a weakness for dances with cute hand movements. I think Nacky must be one of the worst singers in H!P, but somehow I still loved this performance. Biased? Not really.

Momoiro Kataomoi is a perfect song for Momoko Tsugunaga, don’t you think! I love it when an idol enjoys what she’s doing, and Momo seems really happy singing this fun and cute song with her name in the title. At one point in the end of the performance, it almost seemed to me that she tried not to smile so much. :) Peeeeeach!

What else? I also loved seeing all of H!P perform together. I particularly enjoyed Sukichan with all the name chants. The bunny ears outfits were cute too (I’ll edit later with a screencap). Speaking of cute outfits, I loved Yuuka’s knit dress in 100kai no Kiss (and it’s my favourite Aya song too).  If you’re an Aichan fan like me, you’ll be happy to know there is a wonderful solo performance of hers included as an extra, even though she’s not pictured on the DVD cover. I also thought Aika’s solo of Hajimete no Happy Birthday was nice, it was an excellent choice for her in many ways. There is so much I could mention and screencap here, but let this be enough. Oh and don’t skip the ending credits, or you’ll miss Yossi finally having changed her elegant dress into a hoodie, jumping around and singing Sou da! We’re Alive for a moment. :D There were a few performances that I didn’t find particularly interesting, but overall, I think the DVD was well worth the money! Does this sound like something you’d enjoy too? Please consider supporting Hello! Project! (Purchase links: CDJapan YesAsia)

PS: Yes, I am aware that my Pic of the Week is turning into a Pic of the Month. But I don’t have the heart to wake Aichan up… ^^

Edit! Forgot to mention something! They didn’t wear the red dresses that I expected to see, but they did perform in these. Screencap from Rival by everyone.


5 thoughts on “B-kkuri Live DVD (H!P Winter 2011)

    • Yeah I chose that screencap because it shows not only the hand movement I like, but also Nacky’s pretty hairdo.

  1. Wow, neat to hear that the concert has so many covers of classic Ayaya songs in it, I’ll definitely have to look into it a bit more!

    I also have to admit that I’m curious to see for myself how Seishun no Serenade plays out live. I wasn’t a huge fan of the bridge in the recorded version, but I imagine it might come across a lot better live.

    • I count at least four Aya songs, so it is quite a lot for one DVD! But not bad choices at all in my opinion (Momoiro Kataomoi, 100 Kai no Kiss, Yeah! Meccha Holiday and Hajimete Kuchibiru wo Kasaneta Yoru).

      I liked every part in the song, both recorded and live.

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