Oh, Sayu!

My apologies for the strange title, but that’s what I have on my mind right now. The purpose of this entry is to post random news and bits of cuteness that make you go Oh, Sayu! in one way or another. Basically, it’s just stuff that has caught my attention lately.

Sayu’s e-Hello DVD Homey has been released (now subtitled by Hyakupa here). Do check it out even if you’re not a fan of hers. I didn’t expect anything less from Sayu, but it really is very beautiful, inspirational and touching. (I can’t possibly make a pun on the last word. My blog is too innocent for even pointing out a possibility like that. Yes it is. ^^)

Speaking of dirty jokes though, Sayu was interviewed by Morningtime here (I recommend you read it with a huge grain of salt and at least some sense of humour, unless you just want to admire the screencaps).

Next, I’d like to mention another thing I watched recently. Fun and cute! I’m talking about the bus tour, which Sayu had with Aichan and Aika in Yamanashi last autumn. The fanclub DVD has now been released, so I watched a few performances. There was Aipinku (unexpected and a bit awkward, but in a very adorable way) as well as a nice performance of Aika’s Watashi no Miryoku. What I liked lots was Sukichan performed by all the three of them. I’m not a fan of S/mileage‘s high-pitched vocals (to put it nicely), so I’m happy being finally able to enjoy this song. Aichan and Aika are both very genki too but with Sayu, it really shows she’s a huge S/mileage fan (readers of her blog know, she loves their legs cute image).

What else? Sayumin continues to write her cute blog entries on the kyuukies, so if you’re interested to know the girls a little better, that is one more reason to read her blog. They have appeared on her radio show Konya mo Usachan Peace as well. After what happened in Japan on March 11th, Sayu stopped posting pics in her blog entries for a while, but now her blog is back to normal. Sayu is back to normal? I wonder…

But that is not her… wig. Zukki, pictured on the right, kindly let her borrow it. Aww Zukki. What would Sayu do without you!

Sayu was happy to meet Koharu in a photoshoot and she said she would want to work with her again. I miss Koha in Momusu too! I should follow more closely what she is up to these days, except for Dream Morning Musume. Also, Aichan’s 12th PB titled Love No.10 was released on March 28th and Sayumin got a signed copy. She is one lucky wota!

On older news… okay, it’s not really news, is it. But did they really do the komanechi in Fashionable? Isn’t Anna Morinarisama too cool for silly poses like that? (We all know that Sayu isn’t.)

Sayu continues to appear regularly on TV shows and she also promoted the new single with Aika and Riho on PON!, which was Rihochan’s first live TV show appearance. (Riho is getting a lot of attention, isn’t she? She even has a radio show of her own now, Riho-Deli.) I don’t know if this has been shown somewhere before, but who cares. It’s Sayu doing aerobics at the age of nine. :)

To finish my adorably pointless and hopefully a little bit informative post for those who don’t follow Sayu much at all, here is a Sayu screencap from the Limited C close-up version of Maji Desu ka SKA. Yay!

PS. Thanks for your attention everyone, and welcome! I see new traffic coming from International Wota. I have also changed my username and updated my About page, be sure to check it out. ^^ Bai ba~i!


2 thoughts on “Oh, Sayu!

  1. I’ve never seen that aerobics pic before. Only 9? She looks like even then she enjoyed being the centre of attention. XD

    Oh and thank you for the link to my blog by the way. ^^

    • I wish I understood what is said about it though. I watched it several times and I couldn’t fully grasp it.

      You are thanking me? But I associated you with dirty jokes. XD …You’re welcome. :)

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