Morning Musume – Maji Desu ka SKA!

After a long wait… here is the PV to Morning Musume’s 45th single Maji Desu ka SKA!, which will be released on April 6th 2011. I’m sure most of you have heard and seen it already, but I like the single so much, let me fangirl a bit! ^^

Morning Musume is… love! This song is… love! Fun, cheerful, a little bit silly… it’s perfect! If this song was a person, I’d take it to an amusement park and we’d spend the day laughing and eating ice cream of strange but tasty flavours. We’d wear cute shorts with pretty tights and boots… assuming the song is a girl? Umm… yeah, great outfits… Which brings us back to the PV, it’s all kinds of amazing too. Watch and enjoy:

Dear readers! Who do you think is the number one for me in this PV? You can never guess, because I’m not predictable at all. ^^ Need a hint? Take a look at the T-shirts!

No, sorry, it’s not the Union Jacks, or the car, or even the guitar. It’s the T-shirt which says, number one! Look again…

Yes, it’s me!

It’s Sayumi Michishige!

Well okay, I am quite predictable. >< But it’s not my fault Sayu is so amazing! Sayu sings about cakes and dances with a serious face. Sayu is cute in the close-ups, sexy with her ス and funny in the summery outfit. Sayu is Sayu and I can’t take my eyes off her. I like all the outfits, but what Sayu is wearing is probably the best. I like the bright blue shorts with the flowery tights, and the pink jacket suits her so well.

And while Sayu might be my oshimen and the ichiban everything… if I try to look at the PV objectively…

Yep, Aichan. Aichan really shines in this PV. And no, I’m not biased! The only way to be biased here is, you for some reason don’t like Aichan and you can’t see how wonderful she is here. I don’t know how she does it, but she is the most energetic of them all. Her dancing is amazing. Her smile is gorgeous. Her singing is perfect. What was that just now, Aichan? Ballet? And look at this jump. I mean, just look at her face! It’s the Nine Smile face! :D

Yay for Aichan! But the kyuukies did a good job too, I especially liked Fukuchan’s solo line. I’m really glad all four of them got to sing a lot (I wonder what Junjun and Linlin have to say about this ><). Aika as Hanasaka Jiisan made me O-o first but after a while I decided, it’s funny. I really do like everyone and everything in the song and the PV! I don’t know how you guys feel, reading the blog of a ridiculously happy fan, but I for one enjoyed writing this.

Please support Morning Musume by buying this fantastic single (you can easily order it online on CDJapan or YesAsia)! If you buy a limited version of the single, you also get a DVD with one of four PV versions and a kyuuki member interview. I myself will be getting limited D, which comes with a dance shot and a Zukki interview.


8 thoughts on “Morning Musume – Maji Desu ka SKA!

  1. I think it’d be a little odd if the song was a boy! :D

    I agree with you so much here. Song = Awesome. PV = Fantastic. Sexy Sayu? Oh yes!

    Last night I cap’d and gif’d the PV for my own blog, and seriously about half our caps are the same! I must say you have quite good taste. XD

    • Yes, surely it would be an odd boy. XD

      There were so many great Sayu moments, I could have made a long picspam with nothing but Sayu. ^^

      I’ll be looking forward to your blog post! :) Oh and gifs are something that I don’t have, I like gifs but I don’t know how to make them.

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