Kyuukies’ First TV Appearance!

Tonight… or last night, Morning Musume appeared on the TV Tokyo show OnRyu. (Time zones make things so complicated, but it was 26th March 3:15am Japanese time). It was our little kyuukies’ first TV appearance (not counting Bijo Gaku) and I enjoyed watching them so much, I decided to share the links with you guys and post a quick review.

You can watch the show in HD here: (videos removed)

This might get subbed later and my Japanese isn’t all that good, but here’s what it was about. The kyuukies introduce themselves, share their feelings on joining Momusu, and tell their “charm points”. Riho has bendy thumbs, but isn’t that more like a talent? XD For Zukki it’s her smile (she is totally right, I love her smile!), for the super pretty Fukuchan it’s her eyebrows and for Eripon it’s her speaking voice (fans at events had told her it’s cute). Aichan talks about the average age of the group being lower now than the 5nin time and the new members having more songs to learn than back when she herself joined. Riho shows her skills playing kendama, Fukuchan draws a really cute portrait of the host, Eripon talks about her interest in golf, and Zukki does her bug impression I mentioned in an earlier post. Love that girl! XD Aichan mentions their new single being more bright and positive than the previous singles, and the dance being fun but a bit difficult with the leg lifting and all (especially for Zukki). At the end we get to see parts of PV we hadn’t seen before.

Did they say something unexpected? Surprising? No, not really. My opinion and ranking on the kyuukies didn’t change either. (It’s 1. Zukki, 2. Fukuchan, 3. Riho, 4. Eripon.) But even so, this was very well worth a watch. I like the kyuukies more and more each day, all of them! ♥

Oh, and look forward to their MelodiX appearance very soon (TV Tokyo on 27th March at 3:15am)!

Please correct me if I made a mistake.

Edit: Here’s the MelodiX talk and performance! (video removed)

I enjoyed seeing them perform the song, and the quiz part was fun. We also got to see Zukki’s impression again, yay! :D She’s funny, don’t you agree? I just had to screencap this!


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