Donna Toki Demo, Positive de…

At a time like this… what is there to blog about?

This earthquake tragedy that has encountered Japan… even for those of us who live far away… it is heartbreaking. I won’t even try to imagine how it’s like for those people, who…

…Actually, I had been planning to blog on Momusu’s amazing new single Maji Desu ka SUKA! (まじですかスカ!) once the PV is out. But now the release date is postponed, and so is my blog entry. I’ll be back once I have something to blog about and my mind is clear.

Those of you who I have been talking to on Twitter and in private may have the impression I’m taking the situation lightly. I’m not. I’m definitely not. It’s just I’m the kind of person who needs to cheer herself up with comedy when things get too serious, and enjoy the happiness that she is lucky to find in her own life. Otherwise I’ll just cry my eyes out and lose my ability to think normally, which is no good to anyone. I apologise if I have hurt anyone’s feelings.

At a time like this, I’d just like to give the whole of Japan a big hug… no, that’s not enough, I…

…Look at this, aren’t these lyrics so cute?

Are you serious, ska!
No matter what, be positive.
Shine as if you’re in bloom,
Definitely, some day
introduce me to your family.
Even if I’m annoying, forgive me.

Translation by snoboat from H!O

Also, Linlin’s 20th birthday was the 11th this month… yes, the 11th. Aww Linlin. *sighs* But it’s a pretty pic, isn’t it? I think Linlin’s beauty is one of the most underrated things in H!P ever. I wish she would have had more spotlight before she graduated. She is amazing. ♥


5 thoughts on “Donna Toki Demo, Positive de…

    • Yeah Kanon too… her birthday was on the 12th though, a day after the earthquake. I only mentioned Linlin as I’m a big fan of hers, not of Kanon. I could have made a birthday blog post just for her… but what you have here is random thoughts on the current news + Linlin’s birthday. Two separate topics in one post.

      • No, actually it’s three… the new single as well. I think my brain didn’t function properly when posting this. ><

  1. I agree with you on trying to keep a positive outlook. It doesn’t do anyone any good to let themselves be bogged down by bad news.

    Also, in my professional opinion, Linlin is indeed quite the fine looking young lady. Miss that girl…

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