C-ute – Kiss me Aishiteru

°C-ute are GREAT, after all! :D

This is what I thought when I first heard Dance de Bakoon. Such a fun(ky) song! Then I fell in love with the beautiful Aitai Lonely Christmas, which only confirmed my thoughts. I really like °C-ute now and the only reason for me to prefer Momusu is that I’m more attached to the members (mostly Sayu, Aichan and Reina). But I’m starting to find favourites in °C-ute as well… especially Nacky and Chisa.

And now the group is releasing their 15th single on February 23th, named Kiss me Aishiteru (Kiss me 愛してる), now available for preorder on CDJapan and YesAsia. Let’s do our best to support the girls! :)

Third great single in a row! Not that I disliked their previous ones though. I like °C-ute’s music style in general and I especially enjoyed Forever Love, Tokaikko Junjou and Edo no Temari Uta II.

Kiss me Aishiteru might very well become one of my favourite singles this year, I love it! The echo-like sound in the “nee” parts is great!

As for the PV, I like it lots as well! It reminds me of Nacchi’s Sweet Holic (because of the chair) and Momusu’s Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (because of the padded walls). All the girls look amazing! And no, I don’t say this every time! Even Maimai who I don’t usually pay much attention to, she looks super pretty here with her curly hair. I wasn’t sure at first if I like the outfits or not, but now I think they are nice and they really do accentuate the girls’ slim bodies. ^^

The moments that really stood out to me from the the PV (I may edit the pics later for better quality):

Nacky super close-up!

Chisa wink!

Well actually, I liked all the apple kissing. ^^


8 thoughts on “C-ute – Kiss me Aishiteru

  1. Favorite single of the year already?! But we’re only a month in!

    Hehe, all kidding aside, that is definitely a quality release right there. Whoever Hello!Project has had direct their recent PV’s is still on a roll here. The rotating dollying is particularly cool.

    Oh, and interesting that you bring up Forever Love. Just this weekend I picked up my first couple C-ute CD’s and Forever Love was one of them. Definitely a catchy little song.

    • Well I didn’t say number one, but very likely one of my favourite H!P singles this year. ^^ There won’t be so many of them and I don’t count S/mileage (they have great songs but I… don’t listen to them).

      I’ve noticed the same thing, the PVs really have improved lately.

  2. I think that this PV was SUGOI. Oh, MY GOD. I was a little sad at first to see they didn’t use the cover outfits and then POWWW. ZAP. BANG. o.o

    C-ute rankings: Mai, Nakky, Maimi, Chisa…….Airi.
    Maimai and Airi looked AMAZING. Their lips were glossy and they were so perfect >.<
    Maimai has always been my fave member but…I only sort of like Airi in Buono. She annoys me -.-
    Nakky and Chisa looked second best but Maimi didn't have that…stun effect? I couldn't see a sekushii beam :(
    I love the; 'Subete ga, subete' ga by Mai and Nakky <3

      • xD What are your Berryz Rankings? Mine are: Miyabi, Yurina, Captain, Momoko, Maasa, Risako, Chii~ But in berryz, I like everyone. I first didn’t like Miya because her smile looks fake-ish. Then I hated Risa for litteraly ages because of her voice. XD

      • I can’t really rank Berryz, because I don’t know anything about them and I only listen to their singles once. I know Momoko and Miyabi the best because I like Buono!, and out of those two, I like Momoko better (nothing against Miya though). She’s actually the only Berryz to get in my H!P top ten.

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