Nothing to Say? Zukki!

I have nothing to say… But that doesn’t mean I have to keep quiet, does it? ^^

I have been taking a small break from blogging and I haven’t been able to follow H!P as closely as I normally do. Why am I writing this entry? Good question. Maybe because I want my latest post to stay H!P related? Or maybe because it’s a good excuse to post this brand new Momusu photo?

Take a look:

Top row: Reina Tanaka, Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki. Middle row: Mizuki Fukumura, Aika Mitsui, Sayumi Michishige. Bottom row: Erina Ikuta, Riho Sayashi, Kanon Suzuki.

Ai is wearing something funny but she would look great in anything. Risa looks a bit worn out. Maybe it’s just a bad pic. Sayu looks wonderful (obviously) but… I see four little black haired rivals in the picture! Of course, none of them is as cute as Sayu. But they have black hair! How dare they. >.>

I still have no clear kyuuki member favourite, but Zukki (Kanon) is starting to win me over with her cute smile. And look what she said, when asked about her goals for the future:

K[anon]: I want to make all the fans smile in a lot of different ways. I want to become a character who people naturally smile being around. Also I’d like to learn some foreign languages so I can go around the world singing and dancing!

(Translation by snoboat from H!O, thank you!)

This perfect idol answer can make any fan smile, but I’m a language geek with very little chance of going to Japan in the near future, so it made me SMILE. And her talent is imitating an insect? She might be… cute and funny? :D



8 thoughts on “Nothing to Say? Zukki!

  1. I think of teh four new members Suzuki is my second fav. Out of the five ninth gen finalists she was my second fav too. I kind of get a Konkon vibe from her. I am really excited about the ninth gen!

    • No, I know what you mean. I remember that square so well. That’s one of the reasons I use this avatar everywhere. It reminds me of the last concert of my first line-up.

  2. I like Kanon :D So cute! I don’t like Riho though. Idk why I just don’t like her o.o She’s cute though xD As for Erina, :\ I wanted Aina over her but she’s okay… Now as for Fukuchhan I think she amazing. She, like Miyamoto Karin, Kikka and Saho Akari was one of the few eggs I acctually paid attention to. ^^

    Morning Musume has been a group of 9 the most times. after is 8 xD


    • I’m really glad they picked four girls! That way everyone can find at least one they like. But right now, I have no reason to dislike any of them.

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