My Favourite Japanese Actress

Here you go… my first jdrama related post!

I feel like introducing my favourite jdrama actress to everyone. She is famous in Japan though, so I don’t know how many of you have never heard of her. I originally wanted to make this post on her 24th birthday, which was January 9th. But that same day Aichan’s graduation was announced and I so changed my plans.

Can you guess who she is? No? Here is another hint…

Yes! Her name is 井上真央 or Mao Inoue!

I like her because based on what I’ve seen, I think she’s a wonderful actress. Her facial expressions are the best. Just look at this!

I don’t think this is what made her famous, you say? As much as I’d like to prove you wrong, I have to say… that is correct. ^^

Mao Inoue is probably best known for her role as Tsukushi Makino in the popular jdrama HANA YORI DANGO (two seasons and a film). It’s a love story, but I mostly like it for the comedy. Makino’s Arienaitsuno! (No way! Unbelievable!) shouts are a classic, and Tsukasa Domyoji (played by Jun Matsumoto) is the funniest jdrama character I’ve ever known of.

FIRST KISS is a cute jdrama that didn’t really impress me, but I loved Mao’s portrayal of the self-centered Mio Fukunaga in it.

I could say the same about her recent film MY DARLING IS A FOREIGNER (English title IS HE TURNING JAPANESE?). It doesn’t have much of a plot but a nice message, and the interaction between Mao’s character Saori and her American darling Tony (played by Jonathan Sherr) is sweet and funny.

ANMITSU HIME and ANMITSU HIME 2 are listed everywhere as drama specials, but I don’t see them being any different from a regular film. Each lasts for approximately 1.5 hours. I thought they were quite funny! Mao was adorable as the strong-minded Princess Anmitsu, and I thought little Amaguri (played by Yuki Imai) was somehow hilarious.

So what I’m saying is, these dramas and films may not all be my top favourites but I still enjoyed them, and a big thanks goes to Mao! She gives her characters so much personality. Here’s a link to her official website (it’s nice to look at even if you can’t read Japanese) and her page on DramaWiki, where you can also read more about her dramas and films. I don’t know much more about her than what is written there…

How did I make this post so long with so little knowledge? Is anyone still listening? Why is Sayumi so cute? I mean, what do you think of Mao? Please feel free to share your thoughts on her, as well as any knowledge or recommendations! I’ll be back to H!P with my next entry. ^^

Oh and… お誕生日おめでとうございます井上真央さん!(Happy Birthday!)


6 thoughts on “My Favourite Japanese Actress

  1. I was expecting someone different from you xD Ahaha, Mao Inou is too famous…She’s so many people’s fave lol. I’ve seen HYD and First kiss. I am WATCHING Anmitsu hime but…you know a little boring at the momemt. Matsujun Kakkoi in HYD :D But I think my fave Arashi memeber is Ohno becuase he stars in the better drama >3<

    • Why were you expecting someone different? And who exactly? ^^ I don’t mind her being famous, it doesn’t change the way I think about her acting. I’m not really a fan though, not in the same way I’m a fan of H!P idols (not even close). But any drama of hers that I can find is definitely at the top of my “to watch” list.

      I like Arashi but I don’t have a favourite because I don’t know much about them (I’d say Sakurai but I don’t wanna be shallow so… no favourite XD… well I do like Matsujun’s acting though). I’ve seen Matsujun in HYD and Kimi wa Petto, Sakurai in The Quiz Show, and… hmm that’s all I think. What is the name of the Ohno drama?

      • Maya loved Kimi wa petto(the manga) Hmmm…Maybe I’ll like the dorama? Kidding…I saw that too xD And I remember watching a drama with Mao-chan based on a manga I read(Kimi wa boku sasagu or something) I watch alot so I easily forgets :3 The ending was so damn sad D: I’d recomend you watch it :D Mao said that it would be her last role as a highschool student :( She still looks 16 o.O

      • Ah Maya, you never answer my questions do you? XD I heard about that drama you mentioned, I’ll try to find it somewhere. She still plays highschool students? Wow. I don’t think she looks that young anymore though.

  2. Omigosh that’s a scary commercial! I may or may not have freaked out a bit when that monkey started going up her leg… ><

    Mao seems pretty cute, but I have to admit I've never seen any of her dramas. I've actually only ever watched one that wasn't H!P related in some way.

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